Bet9ja: How to book and play a bet in a shop and online


Bet9ja is doubtlessly one of the biggest betting sites in Nigeria, providing high-quality online betting services to Nigerian players. KC Gaming Networks Limited is the parent company of the betting site.

Bet9ja offers a variety of betting choices for its thousands of customers throughout the nation, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and other sports. The organisation encompasses a vast sportsbook, simple deposit and withdrawal procedures, and a slew of other fantastic betting services.

Because football is Nigeria’s most popular sport, Bet9ja has made it much easier for its users to bet on their favourite teams from across the world.

It allows you to wager on a wide range of club football matches, including major and smaller leagues in Europe, South America, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa.

If you’re a sports lover looking for a trustworthy betting firm where you can receive rewards for your interest and understanding of the game, we’ve put together a comprehensive tutorial on how to place a bet, play, and win at Bet9ja. Don’t miss our step-by-step guide on how to use Bet9ja to place your bets.

You can place your bet, fill your Bet9ja account, get winning tips, and withdraw from Bet9ja even if you don’t have a Bet9ja account.

Play Bet9ja in a Shop

Customers may put their bets on Bet9ja at one of their countrywide betting shops, which is the primary and most prevalent method. Customers would first book their games online before attending a local betting shop and handing over their game choices or booking code to the shop cashier, who would place the wager on their behalf. You can also choose your games either online or at the Bet9ja shop.

Play Bet9ja Online

The second option to play Bet9ja is to do it over the internet. To play online, you must first set up an account with Bet9ja. To get going, go to Bet9ja’s website and register using the procedures below as a guide:

Step 1: Fill in your email address in the supplied box, then click the green “Register” button.

Step 2: An email will be sent to the address you submitted. To proceed to the next level of registration, click the confirmation link in the email. Fill in the information as needed.

Step 3: When you’ve finished filling out the registration form, click the green button.

Step 4: After that, you must make a deposit in order to fund your account and begin playing so as to win real money.

How to Get a Booking Code

Many individuals discover that booking their favourite sports is simple and less bothersome. To discover how to book a bet on Bet9ja, acquire your booking code, and place your wager using your booking code, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Bet9ja website.

Step 2: Select your chosen games without logging in to your account.

Step 3: When you’ve made your decision, click “Bet.”

Step 4: After selecting “Bet,” copy the booking number that shows.

Step 5: Go to your Bet9ja account and log in.

Step 6: Select “Book a Bet” from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Copy the booking number and paste it into the area given, then click “Send.”

Step 8: Enter the amount of money you want to stake.

Step 9: Click on “Place Bet” to register your bet

How to Win

This is without a doubt the most significant aspect of the post, and it is one that will stimulate the curiosity of everybody who likes playing Bet9ja. When you play Bet9ja, you have the possibility of winning up to ₦50,000,000 on a single bet slip, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Here are some winning tips for Bet9ja.

Don’t Put Your Money on Emotions

Betting with your emotions is a terrible error to prevent when placing a bet. You block your eyes to data and figures and instead bet on the team you want to win when you gamble on your emotions. As a result, it is not a good idea to gamble on your favourite team (s).

Keep an eye on the numbers

When choosing games, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the numerous statistics that might help you forecast the game’s conclusion.

Do not be greedy

Bet on the games that you believe will most likely win, not on the possible winnings of the slip. Just because you have a possibility of earning 50 million Naira on a single bet slip doesn’t mean you should go for it all the time.

Select a smaller number of games

The maximum number of selections you may make on a single Bet9ja bet slip is 40, but why would you want to make that many? It’s simple math to figure out that the fewer games you choose, the better your chances of winning.

How to Fund Your Bet9ja Account

Customers may deposit money into their Bet9ja accounts in four different methods.

On-site payment method

This approach includes making an immediate deposit into your Bet9ja account using Paystack or Flutterwave. After you log in to your Bet9ja account, simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to your profile and select “Cashier” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Payment Method” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose between Paystack and Flutterwave.
  • Click “Continue” after entering the amount and card information.

Funding account using C’Gate USSD

This deposit option provides a one-of-a-kind USSD code from any bank you choose, which is then utilised to fund your Bet9ja account. Once produced, the USSD code is only valid for 5 minutes. To fund your account with C’Gate USSD, follow these steps:

Under cashier, choose “C’Gate USSD.”

Click “Continue” after inputting the deposit amount and selecting the bank.

On your phone, dial the given Unique USSD code and follow the directions.

Funding Bet9ja with Astropay

These are the steps for making an Astropay deposit:

  • On the deposit page, choose “Astropay.”
  • Click “Continue” after entering the deposit amount. You will be taken to the Astropay website.
  • Click “Next” after entering your phone number.
  • Click “Next” after entering the code given to the mobile phone number you gave.
  • On the following page, choose Astropay.
  • To finish the deposit, enter your card information and click “Continue.”

Bet9ja QR Code Payment

Follow the instructions below to deposit money into your Bet9ja account using a QR code:

  • On the deposit page, choose “QR Code Payment.”
  • Click “Continue” after selecting the amount.
  • Click “Continue” to confirm the request.
  • To complete payment, scan the generated QR Code with your bank app.

How to withdraw winnings

You must have made a bet and won in order to be here, so now you’re curious on how to withdraw the cash in your Bet9ja account to your bank account. Here are some pointers on how to do it

Step 1: Go to your Bet9ja account and select “Withdrawal.”

Step 2: Select “Withdraw Funds” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Enter the amount of the withdrawal, choose a bank account, enter the bank account number, account type, and bank, and afterwards, click “Continue.”

How to book a bet on Bet9ja?

How to book a bet on Bet9ja?

Before you learn how to book a bet on Bet9ja, you have to note that betting odds may change and bets will be placed using the odds that are correct when payment is made.

Now that we have cleared that, follow the guide below to learn how to book a bet on Bet9ja:

The first thing you are expected to do if you want to book a bet on Bet9ja is to visit Do not log in (if you already own an account on the betting site) and you don’t need to sign up (if you are not a member of the website).

On the Bet9ja website, make the selections you want to place a bet on. After that, click on the ‘Bet’ button.

After that, copy the booking number on the screen before you click the ‘Book a Bet’ icon on the top menu of the site.

How to book a bet on Bet9ja?

After that, paste the booking number and click the ‘Book a Bet’ button. That will take you to a window where you will enter your email address. Enter your email on the window correctly and click ‘send’ or ‘print’.

Print out the bet slip (the booked bet confirmation is sent to the email provided) and visit a Bet9ja shop. When you get to a Bet9ja shop, present the printed bet slip (booked bet confirmation) or the slip sent to your email.

Afterward, you are expected to make payment to the Bet9ja attendant who will place your bet on your behalf.

How to Book A Bet On Bet9ja Old Mobile

For those still using Bet9ja’s old mobile version, you can simply visit with your old device and you will reach the bet9ja old mobile version.

To place a bet on it, do not log into your account (if you already have one); go straight and make the selections you want to place a bet on.

After that, add the amount and click on the ‘bet’ green button. Once you do that, a new page will appear with a booking number. Copy the booking number on a slip.

Take the copied booking number to a Bet9ja shop for validation and then make payment after your bet has been validated. The Bet9ja attendant will place your Bet9ja on your behalf.

How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja With Code?

To book a bet on Bet9ja with code, you have to understand the codes before you proceed.

1×2 – this means your prediction must cover the result of the entire match. If you click 1, you are saying the home team will win, if you click ×, you mean the game will end in a draw. If you choose 2, you mean the away team will win.

(O/U 2.5)- This means you have to give a correct prediction of the total number of goals that would be scored by the time within a time frame. The ‘O’ in the bracket stands for ‘Over’ which means over 2.5 (that is the game must end with three or more goals). While the ‘U’ in the blanket stands for Under 2.5 (that is the game must end with less than three goals).

Other are betting codes on Bet9ja are:

DC – you are expected to make an accurate prediction of the entire match. The following are the expected outcomes:

1X – This means that the home team either wins or draws

X2 – This means that at the end of the game, the away team must either win or draw

12 – This means that at the end of the match, one of the teams must win

HT/FT– Half Time/ Full time – under this, your prediction must cover the 1st half of the match as well as the expected result of the match in its entirety.

HF 1/1 – The home team would win at the end of half-time and would be declared the winner at the end of the match.

HF 1/X – under this, home teams win at the beginning of the first half but draw full-time.

HF 1/2 – under this, home teams lead the match at halftime but lose to the away team at full-time.

HF X/1– The home team draws at halftime, but they get their chance to win before full-time.

HF X/2 – under this, the home team draws but the away team wins.

HF 2/1 – under this, the away team would win the first half but the home would have a come back to win at full-time.

HF 2/X – this means that the away team would win the first half, but at full time the game would end in a draw.

HF 2/2 – under this, the away team would win the first half and would also be the winner at full-time. Home Team Wins Both Halves.

(HWBH) – You are expected to predict the outcome of the whole match.

Yes HWBH – you have to predict that the home team would win the game at the end of the match.

No HWBH – under this, you are predicting that the home team would not win both halves of the match.

Yes AWBH – under this, you have to predict that the Away team would win the game at the end of the match.

No AWBH – here, you are predicting that the Away team would not win both halves of the match.

Bet9ja Shop

Bet9ja Shop
A Bet9ja shop.

Bet9ja shop is an outlet where you can make payments and place a bet. The shops are scattered across Nigeria and you can use them even if you don’t have a smartphone. All you need at a Bet9ja shop is the money you intend to bet with and the names of the teams you want to place your bet on.

At a Bet9ja shop, you can bet on any sport or team of your choice. Some of the leagues people bet on the most are the Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga, and the Serie A.


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