Bernardo Silva And Ilkay Gundogan Hang Out With WAGs


    Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gundogan swapped Manchester fare for Italian cuisine on a double date with their respective Partners.

    Bernardo Silva And Ilkay Gundogan Hang Out With WAGs

    The midfielders took advantage of the opportunity to travel to Italy with their partners after manager Pep Guardiola granted them some time off along with the rest of the team.

    Silva was with his fiancée Ines Tomaz, while Gundogan was joined by his wife Sara Arfaoui.

    They all went to the Italian city of Salumaio di Montenapoleone.

    Silva wore a black turtleneck sweater, whereas Gundogan was dressed in a gorgeous blue sweater.

    Ines was dressed in black, and his wife Sara was wearing a grey shirt.

    The two can be seen laughing together in a post on Arfaoui’s Instagram account while they are surrounded by the Bagatti Valsecchi.

    Gundogan and Sara are currently expecting as Sara regularly updates her social media accounts about her pregnancy.

    She will also be glad to be eating somewhere else than Manchester because she has already argued that the city has no nice eateries.

    Guardiola pushed his players to “forget football” during their rare vacation from games.

    “It’s good now not to think much, two days off for everyone, we need it because it’s been a tough February month for us,” he remarked following their victory over Newcastle on Saturday.

    “Not for the amount of games, which we are used to, but especially the away, travels, away, travels.

    “Now it’s two days off. I like in these two days when people forget football if they can. Enjoy time with their friends and family or whatever.”

    Bernardo Silva And Ilkay Gundogan Hang Out With WAGs

    “Then Tuesday to Saturday, we have enough time to reset ourselves and do it again.”

    One of those given time off was Kyle Walker, who was caught on camera flashing women in a bar.

    Bernardo Silva and Inez Tomaz

    Bernardo Silva has a wonderful partner named Ines Tomaz. Around two years have passed since the couple started dating.

    Despite being a professional model, the stunning Portuguese woman gained a lot of media attention when her relationship with the Manchester City player became known.

    In May 2020, Ines and Bernardo entered the public glare. They did however begin dating a few months before and somehow kept it a secret.

    Over the course of the summer break, Ines started to upload their photos on her Instagram feed.

    Yet, they weren’t living together at the time, and their only interactions were during football schedule gaps.

    To be with her life partner, Ines just made the decision to relocate to Manchester. This undoubtedly demonstrates the Portuguese beauty’s dedication.

    Bernardo is such a fortunate person!

    Ilkay Gundogan and Sara Arfaoui

    Sara Arfaoui is most known as Ilkay Gundogan’s gorgeous girlfriend.

    Recently, the couple made their romance public on Instagram.

    Early in 2021, Sara and Gundogan started dating. We don’t know how they met or where their love affair started.

    Bernardo Silva And Ilkay Gundogan Hang Out With WAGs

    The couple decided to keep their relationship private and held off on disclosing their relationship for a while.

    The first person to speak up was Sara. In August of last year, she shared a picture on Instagram of herself with Gundogan.

    Subsequently, the Manchester City player imitated her by sharing a picture of his lover on his personal Instagram account.


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