Benjamin Mendy’s Trial Continues As Court Calls Him A “Serial Predatory Rapist”


Benjamin Mendy concealed his “evil side” beneath the paedo Jimmy Savile persona according to statements made in court on Thursday 17th of November 2022.

Benjamin Mendy

The 28-year-old Man City player is charged with being a “predator” who “made the pursuit of women for sex into a game.”

Benjamin Mendy of Manchester City was referred to as a “serial predatory rapist” by the prosecutor in court who compared him to Jimmy Savile.

In addition to six young ladies, Mendy is slammed with seven charges of rape, one case of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault.

As the case moved into the closing arguments, the jury was informed that the left-back Mendy, 28, was unable to accept who he truly was.

At his remote residence, he is accused of sexually assaulting and raping a total of six young ladies.

Tim Cray KC, the prosecutor, told Chester Crown Court that Mendy had utilized his notoriety to conceal his criminal tendencies, much like Savile did.

Additionally, Louis Saha Matturie, his co-defendant and purported fixer, 41, was accused of living in an “unreal world” and making the arrogant assumption that every lady who attended their parties was suitable for sex.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy’s trial continues

Mendy disputes seven rape accusations, one rape attempt, and one sexual assault. Six rapes and three sexual assaults are all denied by Matturie.

The jury learned throughout the three-month trial that Mr. Mendy held “after-parties,” which included gatherings that violated Covid-19 lockdown rules, in a flat he rented in Manchester’s downtown and at his house in the Cheshire countryside.

Some of his accused victims claimed their phones were removed from them when they arrived, which, according to the prosecution, prevented them from dialing 911 for assistance.

The prosecution claims that Mr. Mendy and Mr. Matturie, who has been referred to as the footballer’s “fixer,” sexually assaulted several women at the residences.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Cray said to the jury of eight men and four women: “Despite Benjamin Mendy’s good qualities, he has a dangerous streak that makes him a predator. A predatory serial rapist, we say.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy in action for Manchester City

“We claim that Matturie has a hazardous streak toward the young women he encounters and has intercourse with a woman half his age.

“The circumstances that these complainants were entering were hazardous and poisonous.” The defendants brought about the risk. The defendants had knowledge of and control over a cast of young ladies that was constantly shifting for the parties.

“They were able to abuse their authority and knowledge as a result. The defendants lived in an unreal world and still do. Mr. Mendy has acknowledged that only prison was able to catch him off guard and prompt him to begin changing his habits.

“But such acquiescence is far from sufficient. The defendants are still unable to accept responsibility for their actions or the actual harm they caused.”

Mendy’s failure to use a condom, according to Mr. Cray, demonstrated that he had “no interest” in the interests of women or the dangers of STIs or pregnancy.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy with Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, was one of the character witnesses who spoke to the jury and commended Mr. Mendy.


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