Back Surgery Couldn’t Stop Pep Guardiola From Monitoring Man City Vs Sheffield United Pre-Game

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Pep Guardiola has been following Manchester City’s preparation for their third Premier League game of the season which is against Sheffield United while recovering from back surgery.

Pep Guardiola To Abandon Back Injury Recovery To Manage City Remotely

Recall we reported that the Spaniard was rushed to Spain to undergo an emergency surgery as a result of back issues.

The treble-winning coach is at his home in Barcelona as he recovers from a back operation which is meant to keep him away from two City’s Premier League games.

Well, as it is now, Pep will not watch the match live at Bramall Lane. However, he is likely to be in touch with his assistant Lillo during the game.

Lillo, in an interview, joked about Pep Guardiola, confirming his role on Sunday, he said: “Of course. Pep is always there.”

“The contact will be continuous, he is watching Sheffield right now. What’s important is his health. It doesn’t keep him from being who he is. He’s fully focused on the match.”

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“He is telling us the surgery has been successful, his recovery has to take the necessary time. He feels fine. I’m happy to see him going correctly.”

However, a responsibility Pep Guardiola might not be involved in is the pre-match team talk which he has decided to allow his assistant to handle, rather than delivering it through a video call.

The Spaniard has reportedly outlined to Lillo what the pep talk should be before the boys hit the pitch to play with Sheffield United.

Lillo added: “Pep Guardiola prefers face-to-face, so I will deal with it, obviously the form and content is his work.”

“We won’t do a video conference because he doesn’t want it. He wants face-to-face and is within the messages that are relayed.”

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Pep Guardiola To Abandon Back Injury Recovery To Manage City Remotely

“There is still a few training sessions and sometimes it’s about the feeling you have. With regards to the rival, the team. Pep has been doing his work and we will talk about it.”

“Whatever he will say, whatever the input that’s what will happen.”

Juanma Lillo, 57, replaced Mikel Arteta as the assistant to Pep Guardiola after he left for Arsenal in 2020.

However, Lillo left a coaching job in Qatar last season before joining Guardiola this season, following the departure of assistants Rodolfo Borrell and Enzo Moresca.

Juanma Lillo added in the interview jokingly saying: “I’m an old man. Those are the upstarts.”

“I’m coming back, I’m already on my way back so to speak. Pep is someone very special to me, not only in a football manner.”

“I am here to be with someone who’s been very important in my life. It’s different. When I left it was more a ‘see you later’.”

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What Happened To Pep Guardiola?

Recall we reported that Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was set to miss some Premier League matches due to an emergency medical condition.

Manchester City released a club statement stating that Pep Guardiola has been flown to Barcelona where he underwent a back surgery.

It was stated that the treble-winning manager has been struggling with a back injury of late and had chosen to undertake the emergency medical trip to Barcelona for the surgery.

The Spaniard was attended to by Barcelona chief medical personnel Mirella Illueca, who conducted the operation successfully and is overseeing the rehabilitation process.

“Pep Guardiola has today undergone a routine operation on a back problem,” the statement by the club stated.

The City boss has been suffering with severe back pain for some time lately, and flew out to Barcelona for emergency surgery performed by Dr Mireia Illueca.

“The surgery was a success, and Pep will now recover and rehabilitate in Barcelona,” Man City further read.

This means that Pep Guardiola will not be back to the squad until after the international breaks – all of us at Futballnews wishes him a quick recovery.

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