Bacary Cisse: Mane and Salah had problems at Liverpool


    Bacary Cisse, a public relations agent of newly signed Bayern Munich striker Sadio Mane has admitted that one of the reasons why Mane left Liverpool is because there might have been a problem between him and former Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah. But he noted that there was no bad blood between Mane and Salah before the 30-year-old winger left Liverpool for Bayern in June 2022.

    Bacary Cisse: Mane and Salah had problems in Liverpool

    Mane and Salah were among the players who helped Liverpool to win all their trophies in the past six years. The duo has always been collaborating to push Jurgen Klopp’s attack and they scored a lot of goals together.

    However, Cisse claimed that the two-star players weren’t always on good terms but had respect for each other.

    “They are attackers who want to make their team win. But yes, at some point, the behavior of one can annoy the other,” Cisse told TV5 Monde Afrique.

    “This was the case at one point. But there are no clouds between Salah and Sadio, they have always maintained good relations.

    Bacary Cisse: Mane and Salah had problems in Liverpool
    Mohamed Salah

    “They have a cordial relationship, really professional. The proof, we have all seen the [farewell] message from Mohamed Salah to [Sadio Mane].

    “[Mane], also, had the foresight to hit back. Sure enough, at one point, people talked left and right that their relationship had deteriorated but that’s not the case.”

    Bacary Cisse added that the loved the offer and project from Bayern Munich which was why Mane didn’t waste time to accept the deal. “He [Mane] himself was very clear during [his] press conference [as a Bayern player]. This transfer came at the right time and he chose the right club,” Cisse continued.

    “Everyone knows Sadio has done the rounds with Liverpool. He stayed there for six years and won all possible titles with this club, including the title of top scorer [of the Premier League in 2019]. “Sportingly, we had to look for a challenge elsewhere, and the Bayern Munich project was attractive, we couldn’t spit on it.”

    He has also denied the rumors which said that Sadio Mane was not happy with his wages at Liverpool as the Senegalese captain will earn higher at Bayern Munich than what Liverpool offered him.

    The agent said: “We did not want to communicate on this. A player like Sadio Mane cannot have such a low salary as people claim. It is not possible.

    “Moreover, the figures that we see from left to right, in the media, are completely erroneous.

    “Even when he arrived from Southampton, his salary was still much higher than reported in the press.”

    Mane is likely to make his first professional debut for Bayern Munich on July 30 when they face RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga Super Cup. The former Liverpool player is yet to get a jersey number but some reports have it that he will take the NO.10 from Sane.


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