Aubameyang is enjoying his £250,000 per week salary… goes to pick up a new Rolex watch that is possibly worth £50,000 or more


Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is living his best life with the weekly £250,000 plus-bonus that he is making from Arsenal. He helped
Arsenal beat Aston Villa 3 – 1 and then the next day, he went to pick up a Luxury watch at the Rolex store.

Rolex Watches are one of the most expensive watches in the world and it’s exclusive, rare, and only accessible to selected high spenders. This means that only the wealthy can get their hands on it.

Aubameyang is a rich footballer, his net worth is around £50 million and this means he can get whatever type of watch he wants.

Aubameyang likes expensive things, he is big with cars but a few days ago, it was a watch shopping day for him as he stopped by to pick up his new Rolex watch at the shop.

Read more about Aubameyang’s lavish lifestyle, see the link below.


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