Arsenal will no longer play Wolves on Tuesday, thanks to Covid-19


    The Premier League game involving Arsenal and Wolves has been postponed due to a high number of coronavirus cases and injuries at Wolves.

    Wolves said in a statement that they sent a request to the Premier League board to postpone the game when the club recorded multiple coronavirus cases less than two days to the game.

    The Arsenal game against Wolves was initially scheduled to kick off at 12:30 GMT at Emirates Stadium on 28 December 2021.

    But “a combination of positive Covid-19 test results and injuries led to Wolves requesting for the fixture to be postponed,” the club’s statement said.

    In a statement the Premier League released to announce the postponement of the match, the league body said it accepted Wolf’s application because the club didn’t have the required number of players for the game.

    This means that the number of fit players at the club are not up to 13 outfield players and a goalkeeper in line with the provision of the league’s constitution.

    The Premier League statement said: “The board was able to make its decision in advance of the fixture to give clarity to the affected clubs and their fans.

    “We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption caused to supporters’ festive plans.”

    Based on this announcement, the number of Premier League games that have been postponed so far in December are 15. The league body is yet to announce when the postponed games will be played.

    Another Tuesday’s feature that has been postponed is the Premier League game between Leeds United and Aston Villa. The game was postponed due to the high number of coronavirus cases at Leeds United.

    Recall that the coronavirus pandemic forced Wolves’ Boxing Day league game against Watford to be postponed.

    The announcement that the Premier League game between Arsenal and Wolves has been postponed came less than a day after Arsenal beat Norwich City 5-0.

    Arsenal will no longer play Wolves on Tuesday, thanks to Covid-19
    Bukayo Saka scored two goals in Arsenal’s 5-0 win over Norwich City.

    The Boxing Day victory came when the coach of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta celebrated his two years reign as the coach of the London-based club.

    After the victory which has rooted the Gunners deeper in the top four with 35 points in 19 games, coach Arteta said he was pleased with the performance of his team.

    “We looked really sharp and committed”, he said. “It’s a big win for us. I am really pleased. The number of chances we create is pleasing.

    “We go to every ground to try and impose our game. Today was a really good example. The unity we have around the club and with our fans is very pleasing.”


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