The Premier League has postponed Liverpool vs Leeds United and Wolves vs Watford

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The Premier League has announced that the league games involving Liverpool and Leeds United; Wolves and Watford have been postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The Premier League League games were scheduled to take place on Boxing Day, December 26, 2021, but had to be called off in less than three days to kick off.

Before now, Leeds United and Watford wrote to the Premier League board to complain that they lacked adequate players to execute their Sunday’s fixture.

Most of the clubs’ players are currently battling different degrees of injuries and some of the players have tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus.

The request from both teams forced the league board to meet earlier today, December 23 and agreed that the two games should be postponed.

At the time of publishing this report, Leeds United training facility has been shut down due to the invasion of the virus.

As for Watford FC, this is the second time coronavirus infection at the club has forced their league game to be postponed. Recall that the Premier League board postponed their league game against Crystal Palace last weekend due to the outbreak of the virus.

According to a statement from the league body, Watford are expected to have most of their players available for their next game which is against West Ham United on December 28, 2021.

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The Premier League statement read: “Following postponement requests from Leeds United and Watford FC as a result of COVID-19, the Premier League Board met this morning and regrettably agreed to call off the two affected clubs’ Boxing Day fixtures. The two games are Wolverhampton Wanderers versus Watford FC and Liverpool FC against Leeds United, both due to be played on Sunday at 12:30pm.

“The Board today was able to make its decisions in advance of Boxing Day to give clarity to clubs and their supporters. We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused to those fans’ festive plans.

“The League is aware that the decision to postpone these two matches will disappoint supporters and understands their frustrations at a special time of year when fans look forward to attending and watching football games. The League aims to provide as much clarity as possible, but unfortunately postponements sometimes have to be made at short notice, as safety is the priority. The League will endeavour to keep supporters updated if games become at risk on a matchday.

“The Board concluded that Leeds United will not be able to fulfil their fixture this weekend due to the number of players with COVID-19, injuries and illness. The club’s training ground has also been closed after consultation with the UK Health Security Agency and the Premier League.

“Watford FC continue to have an insufficient number of players to field a team after their game against Crystal Palace FC last Saturday was postponed following a COVID-19 outbreak. Due to players coming out of isolation, it is fully expected Watford will be available for their fixture on Tuesday 28 December, against West Ham United.

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“The Board assesses applications to postpone matches on a case-by-case basis, based on existing rules and adapted COVID-19 postponement guidance introduced to clubs in light of the new Omicron variant. The Board will assess a number of factors, including the ability of a club to field a team; the status, severity and potential impact of the COVID-19 outbreak at the club; and the ability of the players to safely prepare for and play the match.

“The Board must also consider the wider risks to the opposition and other people the club representatives may come into contact with.

“While recognising a number of clubs are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, it is the clubs’ and the League’s collective intention to continue the current fixture schedule where safely possible.

“The health and wellbeing of all concerned remains our priority and the League will continue to monitor and reflect public health guidance, always proceeding with caution. In light of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, the Premier League has reintroduced Emergency Measures. These include protocols such as more frequent testing, wearing face coverings while indoors, observing social distancing and limiting treatment time.”

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The Premier League to meet with Managers and clubs’ captain later today, December 23

The Premier League has postponed Liverpool vs Leeds United and Wolves vs Watford
Coach Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool.

Before the Premier League announced that the league games between Liverpool and Leeds United; Wolves vs Watford have been postponed, coach Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool have announced that clubs’ managers and captains are expected to meet with the league board later today, December 23 (from 4 PM local time).

The managers’ meeting with the league board is to discuss issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall that last Monday, the Premier League board met with the 20 clubs in the league but could not agree to postpone all the league games scheduled for this festive season despite the number of covid-19 infections in the league.

Before it was announced that the league games involving Liverpool and Leeds; Wolves and Watford have been postponed, nine league games have had to be postponed so far this season due to the outbreak.

Yet, the league has not been halted and spectators are still welcomed at match venues wherever a league game is permitted to go on.

Amid all the uncertainties in the Premier League currently, followers of the league would want to see what the league body, the clubs’ managers, and the clubs’ captains would agree upon at the end of today.

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  • Ayoola 1 year ago

    That’s so sad, but I think it’s a great decision so as to curb the spread of COVID 19 and allow injured players to heal.

  • Bello Akanni Sheriffdeen 1 year ago

    It’s really an unfortunate and unwanted occurrence,but it’s very laughable that the FA are not taking the health issues of players,staff,fans and everyone involved in the physical games too seriously,they are still blindfolded by the money generated from the games.How on Earth will they still be allowing spectators into the stadium with this outrageous outbreak of covid 19 and also still allow matches to hold.Health is wealth,safety first.Chelsea were forced to play against Wolves even when they have lots of players out due to this virus and they submitted a request for postponement,but it’s a pity that Man U are yet to play with how many players out.They have to be fair in their judgement.

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