Arsenal at number 19 on the league table after losing the second game of the season to Chelsea… they will play Manchester City next


    Arsenal is having a rough start to the 2021 Premier League season, they have lost two games already and they are expected to face Manchester City next. With a 0 in 2 records, the Gooners are now at number 19 on the premier league table and they are expected to lose the next game when they face Pep Guardiola’s side.

    The result of today’s game is a disaster and Arsenal fans raged with boos are the end of the game. Thomas Tuchel said he is happy with Romelu Lukaku’s 2nd debut for Chelsea. Lukaku scored one goal today and Reece James added the second goal.

    • Mikel Arteta suffered his 20th defeat as Arsenal manager in the Premier League, in what was his 60th game – while Arsène Wenger didn’t register his 20th defeat with the Gunners in the competition until his 116th game.


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