Argentina Players’ Wags Forced Out Of Qatar Plush Hotel After Power Cut


    Wives and girlfriends of some Argentina players have been forced to flee their plush hotel in Qatar due to a midnight power cut.

    Angel Di Maria’s wag Jorgelina Cardoso was among victims of the Waterfront Hotel Attack

    Argentina will take on France in their fourth World Cup encounter in a crunch 2022 World Cup final.

    After surviving a shock opening defeat in the tournament, the South American champions have not lost any match, winning all the next five games to reach the final, where they will face France.

    Ahead of Sunday’s final, Argentina players have been saved from palpable fear and potential inexplicable disaster after reports of a power accident in the hotel where their wags reside awaiting the final.

    The power accident is said to have occurred late at night where some of the wags were staying.

    The likes of Jorgelina Cardoso, the wife of Angel Di Maria, Linda Raff, Alejandro Gomez’s other half, and Agustina Gandolfo, the wife of Inter Milan forward Lautaro Martinez, were all staying at the Waterfront Hotel in Qatar ahead of Sunday’s final.

    Lautaro Martinez’s Wag Augustina was among victims of the Waterfront midnight power outage

    A luxurious and well-lustered surroundings of the Waterfront Hotel offered no hit of a potential power collapse that would choke the wags with fear, forcing them to flee the hotel.

    A source close to the incident confirmed that the luxury facility had gulped huge amounts of money before the Argentines could afford it, but the jumbo pay had to be questioned when the wags were plunged into darkness after the power outage, and their safety not guaranteed.

    Some of the wags had young children and babies and had to talk to their partners after the incident before choosing to exit the property.

    Meanwhile, the incident has reportedly caused concerns and fears in the Argentina World Cup squad ahead of the final against France.

    The players were reportedly concerned about the well-being of their families following the incident, with some pointing accusing fingers at Qatar for a shoddy and less-sophisticated accommodation facilities for World Cup fans.

    Augustina was complained of failed facilities in Qatar for World Cup fans

    The wags had no choice but to vacate the premises on short notice, with Lautaro Martinez’s wife Augustina slamming the organizers for a poor and shoddy facilities hurriedly patched up in the buildup to the tournament.

    Augustina cited an instance she spotted a glass in her drink in a nightclub where she went to celebrate Argentina’s semifinal win over Croatia.

    She admitted mistakenly swallowing the glass and needed to go to the hospital, where she was fortunately cleared of any harm.

    Meanwhile, the Waterfront Hotel, where the fearful blackout occurred, is said to be one of seven hotels involved in a dispute over financial arrangements with tour operators Khaya and the Sheikh owners.

    A number of rows have broken out following claims from operators that guests were asked for additional payments when checking into rooms – even though they had been prepaid.


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