Antonio Conte lands at the Manchester City juncture amid additional Tottenham commotion

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Tottenham Hotspur officials were less enraged when they saw the real transcription of what Antonio Conte said in interviews this week, but they were still irritated.

Antonio Conte lands at the Manchester City juncture amid additional Tottenham commotion

There is concern about the amount of noise the Italian is making.

Those close to him say he’s always been like this, and he was the same in his first season at an Internazionale that was struggling. He then elevated them to the status of champions.

That was, however, a different circumstance in a different club. He’s merely adding to the Spurs’ woes.

There are a lot of them in the club right now. Antonio Conte ‘s clear strength as a coach is currently being counterbalanced by his personality difficulties.

The transfer window did not go according to plan. There’s even a case to be made, made by the manager himself, that the squad is weaker now than it was in January, at least in terms of numbers.

Meanwhile, Antonio Conte has made it plain that the team’s standards aren’t high enough, which, according to some sources, has harmed the players’ trust.

Many in the game are baffled as to why he chose the position, given that he has made it apparent that it is well below his skill level. On the other hand, why did Daniel Levy choose a management of such renown if they weren’t willing to give him the backing he deserved?

Antonio Conte lands at the Manchester City juncture amid additional Tottenham commotion

It appears that the hiring was made just to keep the club’s “big six” status, rather than to push the club forward in the way that a manager like Conte desires.

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On Levy’s side, some sources claim that no commitments were made to the Italian about taking the post in January, and that he was fine with it.

A reasonable rebuttal is that a chance to finish in the top four appeared out of nowhere, and a little extra investment could have gone a long way.

It’s now feasible that Conte’s stint at Spurs will be cut short.

More than a few football insiders believe he may already regret taking the position, and that it was due to Manchester United’s lack of interest. A summer departure isn’t out of the question. It is feared by some of the athletes.

That might have far-reaching ramifications beyond the loss of a high-ranking executive. Conte’s appointment was one of the few positive developments for Harry Kane in recent years. If the manager’s future lies with another club, he will be thinking about his own future once more.

Antonio Conte lands at the Manchester City juncture amid additional Tottenham commotion

All of this has contributed to Spurs losing three consecutive league games, and they are on the verge of losing four in a row for the first time since November 2004.

Conte wasn’t intended to establish these kinds of standards.

Then it’s on to Manchester City, a team that is lifting the bar for everyone in Europe. Pep Guardiola’s team has only lost once since October, and that was in a Champions League dead rubber against Leipzig.

In the league, they have 14 victories and one tie in the last 15 games.

Everything indicates that this match will only go one way. Spurs will undoubtedly have to play one manner, but this may cause some confusion.

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It’s the minor quirk of facing city. The fact that you’ll be playing the English champs makes your preparation for them very simple. At the very least, it simplifies the decision-making process.

You can bet the ball will be in City’s hands. You can guess what they’re going to do with it.

You simply have to accept that you won’t be able to get it and work around it. Antonio Conte may benefit from this lack of options in the current situation. It clarifies things. It allows you to concentrate.

Antonio Conte lands at the Manchester City juncture amid additional Tottenham commotion

On the Tottenham training ground, this has already been evident. The Italian has been attempting to instill distinct approaches in the players.

That could be even more crucial considering the amount of uncertainty at Spurs in recent weeks regarding both personnel and formation.

Conte is still attempting to make sense of a lot of things. There isn’t much to find out when it comes to City. It’s all about hard work, a little luck, and taking chances.

Conte had a similar experience during his first visit to City, with Chelsea, in December 2016. Chelsea triumphed 3-1 after weathering the storm and then tearing apart Guardiola’s side on the counterattack.

There was also a time around that time when the Catalan believed Conte’s football might represent a game evolution beyond his own, before naturally adapting.

Sure, Conte’s current squad isn’t quite as good as Chelsea’s.

However, he is also aware that Spurs have specific players who can wreak havoc on Guardiola’s system, namely Son Heung-Min and Lucas Moura’s speed.

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There’s also the reality that when everything is loaded in one direction, these kinds of games have a weird habit of going in unanticipated directions. Take a look at their most recent match, when Spurs barely fielded a complete squad at the start of the season.

Son and Lucas Moura

Conte is also extremely effective in these instances. He understands how to energise groups and play on their sense of rebellion. That is something he will emphasize to his players, citing City’s alleged dominance as a means of motivating them.

Conte is also well aware that, despite all the doom and gloom surrounding Spurs at the moment, these are the types of games that offer a chance. Seasons can be reignited, and the title race might be reignited as well.

This is also a benefit of a manager like Conte. At the very least, he has an aura and a history that makes players believe it’s possible.

At Chelsea, Conte once observed, “The pitch is the truth.” “The pitch speaks for itself.”

It’s for this reason that the Tottenham administration isn’t too bothered about what he said elsewhere. He’s been in similar situations at other clubs, including his last one, and has yet managed to succeed.

It’s just that, for a variety of reasons, including that losing record, this match could be a turning point.

Conte only has to persuade his teammates that this is a step in the right way. It’s unclear whether his comments in the media have weakened that position.

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