Andy Carroll has been released by Newcastle United, meet his fiancee Billi Mucklow


Andy Carroll is currently without a club for the first time in his football career after Newcastle United officially announced his release. But he has a lover who would keep him going during this hard time. That lover is none other than his fiancee, Billi Mucklow.

Before we talk about Billi, it might interest you to know that Andy Carroll used to be one of the best things in English football. Unfortunately for him, he could not do much with his football career due to injuries.

However, the Newcastle United football academy product tried to have a successful career in the Premier League by playing for Liverpool, Newcastle, and West Ham. In all the clubs he played for, the 32-year-old English striker was able to score 80 goals and provided 50 assists in 346 appearances.

The only title he was able to win in his 14 years football career was a league cup which he won with Liverpool in 2012. Aside from that, Carroll had no other medal to show for his once-promising career.

After spending six years at West Ham United, between 2013 and 2019, he decided to return to Newcastle United where he started his career. He spent 2019 to 2021 at the club before the club decided to let him go.

 Carroll and the coach of Newcastle United Steve Bruce.
Carroll and the coach of Newcastle United Steve Bruce.

The coach of Newcastle United, Steve Bruce said the 32-year-old English striker who made just 9 appearances for England in which he scored two goals, left Newcastle United amicably. This means that Andy Carroll is free to start looking for another club that might need his services.

This is the time Andy Carroll need Billi Mucklow the most

Now that Andy Carroll is without a club, he would have to depend on his private investments to survive until he gets another club. In so doing, the footballer would need the love of his fiancee, Billi Mucklow, at this critical period of his career.

Who is Billi Mucklow?

Billi Mucklow and her third child for Andy Carroll, Marvel Mae.
Billi Mucklow and her third child for Andy Carroll, Marvel Mae.

Billi Mucklow is a 31-year-old woman born in Essex, a county in southeast England in 1988. She gained public attention when she joined Essex reality TV show in its third series, which aired in 2011.

After two years on the job, she decided to resign in 2013 when the reality TV show was in its eighth series.

During that period, she was in a relationship with Tom, the brother of her co-star in the reality TV show, Cara Kilbey.

Since he left the reality TV show, Billi Mucklow went into the Yoga business. She is the owner of Bikram Yoga Essex, Inferno HIIT, and Cycle Rhythm.

Billi Mucklow’s relationship with Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll, his wife Billi Mucklow and his five children.
Andy Carroll, his wife Billi Mucklow and his five children.

No information about when Billi Mucklow started his relationship with Andy Carroll. However, the football star when down on one of his knees in Rome, Italy in November 2014 to ask her to marry him.

The former reality TV star agreed to the proposal and since then, they have been together. They have their first son, Arlo in June 2015.

Before then, Andy Carroll has had two children – Emilie, 11, and Lucas, nine, from a previous relationship.

In November 2017, the football star welcomed his fourth child, Mucklow who he and Billi named, Wolf. While in September 2020, Billi Mucklow and Andy Carroll welcomed their third child together named Marvel Mae.

This means that the football star has five children altogether. However, there is no evidence that Billi Mucklow and Andy Carroll are both legally married yet.


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