Andros Townsend: Jurgen Klopp has been moaning for years over 5 subs rule


    Everton winger Andros Townsend has called out Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp as the Premier League introduces a new substitution rule ahead of the 2022-23 season.

    Andros Townsend: Jurgen Klopp has been moaning for years
    Andros Townsend

    Andros Townsend believes that Jurgen Klopp has got “his way again” after the Premier League authorities announced that teams will be allowed to make five substitutions starting from next season. According to Townsend, Jurgen Klopp has been “moaning for years” because he was among the managers who asked for the rule.

    Rules in the English top division are currently being tweaked, following demands to permanently apply adjustments that were first introduced during the coronavirus 2019–20 season.

    Before now, Jurgen Klopp has been outspoken in his calls for the Premier League to follow other divisions across Europe and change the established three substitution code.

    Andros Townsend: Jurgen Klopp has been moaning for years
    Jurgen Klopp Liverpool boss

    Hence, those managing the biggest squads are thought to benefit most from a rewriting of the rulebook, so Townsend is not surprised that pressure has paid off. Andros Townsend spoke to talkSPORT about the new rule and he used the opportunity to slam the Liverpool boss. He said: “I love how Jurgen Klopp has found a way to get his way again.

    “He’s been moaning for years. They have been pushing back and finally, they have given in and given him his five subs. And he will probably still use two or three in the biggest games. But, hey, who are we to argue with him?

    “I think in the biggest games Liverpool and City, they use one or two subs. They don’t use the full three subs. I think it’s the games against Crystal Palace or Brentford, where they can’t break teams down, it’s 0-0, and they have 11 behind the ball.

    “Right, can we bring on five world-class internationals who are fresh who can change the game? Can we bring them on to break down this stubborn defense?’ And that’s where I think it becomes a bit unfair.”

    The former England international continued: “I don’t think it makes it less competitive. It’s still going to be the most competitive league in the world. I just think it gives those top sides an extra advantage.

    “Hopefully my side is one of those teams that will have the advantage with the squad that we’re looking to build. “And, on a personal level coming back from an ACL injury, five subs will probably suit me. But I just think, on the whole, it suits your Jurgen Klopps and your Pep Guardiolas who have 30 world-class internationals.”


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