Andrew Robertson of Liverpool explains why Mohamed Salah is the best player in the world

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Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson has listed some of the things that made his teammate Mohamed Salah the “best player in the world”. One of the things the defender mentioned was Salah’s ability to score goals and his work rate.

Robertson noted that Salah is not about scoring goals alone, he often supports the club’s defense through the right-back position, the territory of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The 27-year-old English left-back went on to describe Salah as an incredible player who could help the club win more trophies.

Mohamed Salah has been enjoying rave reviews since the commencement of this season. His form has attracted a series of praises in a year he has been nominated for Ballon d’Or.

So far this season, the Egyptian footballer has scored 15 goals in 12 appearances in all competitions. He has also scored 10 goals in 9 Premier League games this season.

Due to his form, former coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger who is in charge of football development at FIFA, described the Egyptian as the best player in the world at the moment.

In the same vein, his coach at Liverpool, described Mohamed Salah as the World’s best, rating him above Erling Haaland of Dortmund and Robert Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

On October 24, Mohamed Salah proved how good he is when Liverpool visited Old Trafford to take on Manchester United in a Premier League game. He scored three goals in Liverpool’s 5-0 win over their hosts.

Andrew Robertson who has been playing alongside Mohamed Salah since the Egyptian joined the club from Roma on July 1, 2017, said the Egyptian would want to remain the best in the world for the whole season.

“I think the way he’s playing at the start of this season – he’s been incredible,” Robertson told Sky Sports News.

“You can just see him walking on the pitch and he feels as though any chance he gets he’s going to score.

“The thing that goes under-rated with Mo is his work-rate – the way he helps out Trent, the way he helps out his defense behind him and everything like that. That’s when he’s at his best, that’s when he creates the chances and gets the goals when he’s mentally so strong.

“He’s an incredible player and I think at this moment he’s the world’s best and he’ll want to continue that. He won’t want it for nine or 10 games, which he’s done so far, he’ll want to do it for a whole season like he’s done previously and hopefully, he can do it because it gives us the best chance of scoring goals and winning trophies.”

Andrew Robertson can’t wait for Salah to renew his contract with Liverpool

Unlike Andrew Robertson who just extended his contract with Liverpool, Mohamed Salah is yet to renew his stay at the Premier League club.

The Egyptian forward has less than two seasons on his current contract and Liverpool are trying all he could to extend it. But reports claimed that Salah wants nothing less than a £500,000-per-week contract with Liverpool.

Despite the back and forth between Liverpool and Salah, the Egyptian had said his stay at the club depends on the club.

In reaction to Salah’s contract status, Robertson said he hopes he could continue to play with Salah and hoped that the Egyptian and Liverpool would reach an agreement soonest.

“He said he’d be happy to stay here and that’s up to him and the club to agree,” Robertson said.

“I hope that I can continue to play with him. I love playing with Mo and I love playing with all the lads around me and you don’t want to see anyone leave.

“Let’s leave it up to the club and Mo – I’m sure everyone’s trying to get to an agreement that can work for everyone. Hopefully, they can solve it because if he’s not the world’s best, he’s definitely in the discussion for it and they’re the type of players you want at this club, they’re the type of players that the fans at his club deserve. Hopefully, that continues and he can stay for a bit longer.”

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