Alisson Becker Flaunts his wife Natalia Loewe and kids


Liverpool first-choice goalkeeper Alisson Becker wants the world to see how beautiful he and his family are as he shared a stunning family picture for the admiration of his 7.1 million Instagram followers.

In the picture which was taken in a holiday resort recently, the reigning best goalkeeper in the world could be seen holding the hand of his beautiful daughter Helena, while Helena held that of her brother Matteo, and then Matteo maintained the chain by holding that of his mother Natalia Loewe.

Alisson Becker captioned the high-quality picture with “True treasure”, in Portuguese to show that though he might have won almost every major title in World football, his family worth more than any medal in his cabinet.

When did Alisson Becker start his beautiful family?

Alisson Becker and his beautiful family
Alisson Becker and his beautiful family

Alisson Becker is currently 27-year-old but the Brazil international has been in the business of loving Natalia Loewe long before he became a famous and an award-winning goalkeeper. According to available data, Alisson started dating Natalia in 2012 when he was playing for the youth side of a Brazilian club Internacional.

After three years of dating, Alisson and Natalia decided to get married. The goalkeeper married the stunning Brazilian physician on June 22, 2015, a year before the goalkeeper joined Italian Serie A side, Roma. They both stayed separately when the goalkeeper left Brazil in 2016 until Natalia completed her university education in 2017.

Alisson Becker and his beautiful family
Alisson and his beautiful family

Alisson Becker and Natalia reunited in Rome where they continued with their union and moved to the city of Liverpool together in 2018 when the Premier League club bought the goalkeeper from Roma.

Before then, Alisson Becker and Natalia were already parents to Helena who was born in April 2017. After one year in Liverpool, the couple had their second child Matteo, born on 14 June 2019.

Who is Alisson Becker’s wife, Natalia Loewe

Who is Alisson Becker's wife, Natalia Loewe
Alisson Becker’s wife, Natalia Loewe

Unlike other wives of football stars, Natalia Loewe is not just known as the wife of Alisson Becker. She also has her own life and career. She was born on December 28, 1990, in Brazil, two years before his husband was born (2 October 1992).

Unlike Alisson Becker that decided to pursue a career in football, Natalia Loewe decided to study medicine at the Catholic University of Pelotas, Brazil. When he graduated, he decided to practice as a physician.

As a wife of a celebrity that has so much to show to the world, Natalia Loewe is very active on social media, especially on Instagram. In less than two years after she hit the limelight as the wife of Alisson Becker, she has been able to garner over 262 thousand Instagram followers.

What she mostly uses her Instagram account to do is to flaunt her beautiful face, show the activities of her kids, and showcase beautiful family moments that often feature her husband who earns over £125,000-per-week at Liverpool.


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