Dan Friedkin is Officially the new Owner of Roma

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Dan Friedkin has confirmed on Monday that he has completed the purchase of Italian Serie A club, Roma. The takeover deal is worth about €591 million.

Futballnews reported on August 6 that the American billionaire and businessman was on the verge of taking over the club from a fellow American billionaire James Pallotta. They both signed the preliminary contract on August 5 and in less than two weeks, the deal was sealed.

How Dan Friedkin took over Roma

Dan Friedkin
Dan Friedkin

Since 2012, James Pallotta’s led American investors have been running Roma. In their quest to position the club to compete with the top clubs in Italian Serie A, they invested in a couple of players, prominent among them is their current captain Edin Džeko.

Despite their investment which Roma’s fans always feel was not enough, the club which won three Italian Serie A titles before the American investors came, failed to win any trophy throughout the reign of Pallotta.

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In fact, the last time Roma won any title was in 2007-2008 season when they won their 9th Coppa Italia title. So, the fans believe that a new owner who is ready to invest more in the club was needed to reposition the club and probably bring back the lost glory of the club.

Hence, Dan Friedkin, through his company, Friedkin Group came in and bought an 86.6 percent majority stake in the club which mostly belongs to Pallotta. The stake reportedly cost Friedkin over 700 million dollars.

“Our commitment to Roma is total. We will be very present in Rome, a city that holds a special place in our hearts, as we embark on this exciting journey”, Friedkin said. “We recognize we are entrusted with a team that is a vital part of the soul of Rome, and this is a responsibility that we find humbling and will always take very seriously.

“As business owners, we look to identify and back strong management teams and leadership. Guido Fienga has proven to be a great CEO of Roma, and together we have developed an ambitious and disciplined business plan.

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“We will give him the support, guidance, and means to deliver on this plan and, to help maintain focus over these crucial weeks ahead, it will be primarily his voice that will speak for AS Roma.

“Our shared vision for the club and the team is to favor a sustained, long-term investment approach rather than quick fixes of questionable durability.”

The expectation of Roma’s fans

When a new owner takes over a football club, the expectations are always very high. The case is not different as far as Dan Friedkin’s takeover of Roma is concerned. The club used to compete for the Italian Serie A title every season especially in the 90s and in the early 20s. The fans would want to see their club return to that level.

In recent times, the club struggles to qualify for the Champions League and mostly make do with Europa League qualification which was the case in the just concluded 2019-2020 season. The fans would want to see a change in this aspect of the club.

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More so, Roma has won almost everything in the Italian Serie A, the fans would not mind having a team that can compete in Europe and probably wins at least the Europa League if the Champions League is a tall order.

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