AFCON Final: Mohamed Salah made Gabaski save Sadio Mane’s penalty


The talisman of Egypt national team, Mohamed Salah helped his national team goalkeeper, Gabaski to save the spot-kick of Sadio Mane during the AFCON final tonight, February 6, 2022.

In the 7th minute of the game, Senegal had the golden opportunity to take the early lead via the spot-kick. But the country’s talisman, Sadio Mane could not play the ball well enough to go past Gabaski.

Mane directed the ball to where the goalkeeper was and the goalkeeper did not hesitate to stop the ball from going through to the excitement of Egyptian fans at the Stade Olembe in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Before the kick, Mohamed Salah went to the goalkeeper to whisper something to him. It was suspected that Salah hinted the keeper the most likely direction Mane would play the ball.

AFCON Final: Mohamed Salah made Gabaski save Sadio Mane's penalty
Mohamed Salah was seen giving Egypt’s goalkeeper Gabaski hints before Sadio Mane took the 7th minute spot kick in 2021 AFCON final.

Fortunately for the goalkeeper and the Pharaohs of Egypt, Salah’s advice yielded a positive result for the team.

Recall that Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are teammates at Liverpool football club. They have been strike partners since 2017 when Salah met Mane at Anfield from Roma for a transfer fee worth €42 million.

Though Mane has been at the club a year before Salah came, the 29-year-old Egyptian football star has been able to establish himself more than the 29-year-old Senegalese football star due to how consistent he has been.

Though most people see the duo as rivals even when they are playing for Liverpool, they both understand themselves to a large extent. Salah proved that in the AFCON final through the hint he gave his national team goalkeeper that helped the keeper to stop Mane’s spot-kick.

Mane’s miss kept the AFCON final open. The teams stretched the match for 90 minutes without scoring a goal. The game entered extra time and then penalty shootouts before a winner emerged.

Senegal finally defeated Egypt 4-2 on penalties to win their first AFCON final and trophy. During the penalty shootouts proper, Gabaski was not able to take advantage of Salah’s hint as Mane went on to score his spot-kick.

In the five spot-kicks Senegal took, the country converted four. Only Sarr failed to convert his own. While Egypt converted two out of the four they took before Senegal were declared winners of the 2021 AFCON final.

Unfortunately, it was too late for Mohamed Salah to play his spot-kick. He had to standby and watch as the Senegalese players celebrated their triumph.


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