A picture of Harry Kane training alone… he still fighting to leave Tottenham


Tottenham Striker and England National team Player Harry Kane has been training alone because he wanted to leave the club. Kane has refused to train with the club and has limited his conversation with Tottenham’s new coach Nuno Espírito Santo in other to force his way out of the club.

Harry Kane wants to win a major trophy before his football career ends, he is 28 years old and has only a few years of football left to play. As a result, he wanted to leave and join Manchester city with the hope to win the Premier League trophy and the Champions League.

Since Kane is still contracted until 2024, the only way to get out of the contract is to break rules and violate his contract so the club would let him go. Harry Kane is doing just that, he refused to show up at games, refuse to attend team meetings, or attend the team games when the season opener was played against Manchester City.


Harry Kane wants to leave and Manchester City is also ready to increase their bid from £115m to £150m to force Harry Kane’s move to the Etihad stadium.

Sources say £150m alone would not be enough to clinch the deal, but it could at least open negotiations and include several add-ons. The most shared belief in an increasingly tedious saga is that it will go right to the wire.

— Miguel Delaney, The Independent

What we know about Harry Kane’s deal…

  • Harry Kane was told to take the blame for the transfer saga and apologize to Tottenham as Gabby Agbonlahor hits out at Spurs striker for signing a six-year deal and failing to show up in the finals
  • “What was he doing signing a 6-year contract in the first place?” Peterborough owner & chairman Darragh MacAnthony on Harry Kane’s transfer saga


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