A big scare for Manchester United… Kevin De Bruyne is Still Severely Sick

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Kevin De Bruyne has had a rough season due to injuries and confesses he is still recovering from Covid-19 contracted while on international duty with Belgium. De Bruyne scored twice in Manchester City’s 7-0 triumph over Leeds on Tuesday.

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Even after scoring twice for Manchester City in their Premier League demolition of Leeds, Kevin De Bruyne claims he’s still feeling the effects of Covid-19.

After testing positive for coronavirus last month, De Bruyne says he’s still not back to his best.

“I’m not quite there yet. My body is still adjusting. I sometimes feel like I’ve had Covid after two or three sprints “On Thursday, he told Belgium’s Het Laatste Nieuws.

However, he believes things are improving after a season in which he also dealt with a nagging ankle issue.

He said, “It’s getting better.” “Of course, this season is what it is. I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself. I was struck in the face, kicked in the ankle, and caught Covid. With my busy schedule, it’s not easy, but I’m doing okay. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

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Last season’s Champions League final left De Bruyne with a double facial fracture, and he then damaged his ankle at the European Championship.

After Belgium’s World Cup qualifier against Wales last month, where he also scored, he returned a positive Covid-19 test.

“For four days, I felt quite ill. I assume it’s similar to the flu but I’ve never had it so terrible. I got a fever and lost my sense of smell and taste, especially at night. It improved after five days. Smell and taste returned a little later, but everything is now OK “he stated

“I was alone in quarantine for ten days, so I started walking up the walls. It’s difficult for me to remain still. I cut myself off from my family. I didn’t want it to be passed down to my wife and children. It was difficult to view them only via a glass door.”

The 30-year-old admitted that he is now battling for regular playing time at City, but that the competition is fierce.

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“That’s how it’s always been. Our team is fantastic, but I’m a fierce competitor. I’m sure I’ll have to miss a couple of games, which is never fun. Everyone wants to play at all times, but I’m keeping my cool. All I can do is put on a show “De Bruyne went on to say.

Kevin De Bruyne, a midfielder for Manchester City, has agreed to a two-year contract extension that would keep him at the club until 2025. The Belgium international, whose current contract was supposed to expire in 2023, turned 30 in June and appeared to be set to spend the rest of his career at the Etihad.

Because De Bruyne’s comeback to the Manchester City squad is still uncertain due to his illness, Guardiola will be forced to make do with other players until Kevin returns.

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Manchester City will be without Kevin De Bruyne for the next month or so while they compete for titles on multiple fronts.

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De Bruyne’s absence is a major setback for City, who are currently in second place in the Premier League table.

Manchester City will, however, have to do without the Belgian for the period he is out.

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