Xavi Hernandez’s Ten Rules At Barcelona Before He Was Kicked Out


Xavi Hernandez, the beloved former Barcelona player turned head coach, wasted no time in setting the tone for his new era at the Catalan club before things turned sour for him.

Known for his impeccable work ethic and dedication to the game, Xavi emphasized the importance of discipline to his players during his time as Blaugrana boss from 2021 until when he was recently relieved of his duties in May 2024.

Xavi Hernandez

The following are the ten rules set by Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez:

1. Players must arrive for training an hour and a half before it starts

One of the key rules that Xavi implemented was that players must arrive for training an hour and a half before it begins.

Until now, there had been a relatively relaxed attitude to the time at which the squad was expected to arrive for training, which tends to begin at 11 am.

From the time of Xavi’s unveiling as Barcelona boss, players must be at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper no later than 9:30 am.

This may seem like a strict requirement, but Xavi believed that it would set the right tone for the squad and ensure that everyone was fully prepared for each session.

2. The backroom team must get in for training two hours before it starts

In addition to the players, Xavi also expects the backroom team to lead by example by arriving for training two hours before it starts.

This dedication to punctuality and preparation is a hallmark of Xavi’s approach to football and he expects nothing less from his entire staff.

3. Players must have lunch at the training ground

All senior team players are required to eat lunch in the training ground cafeteria while being monitored by the club’s nutritionists. This will ensure proper refueling and aid injury prevention as well as enhance their physical readiness.

4. Fines reintroduced

Another rule that Xavi reintroduced was the imposition of fines for disciplinary infractions.

However, these fines are not just a slap on the wrist – Xavi made it clear that they would increase exponentially for repeat offenders.

5. Exponentially-increasing fines

Players who arrive late for training will be fined 100 euros for the first offense. Subsequent offenses will result in paying double fines like 200 euros, 400 euros, and so on.

This is a clear message to the squad that he was serious about maintaining a high level of professionalism at Barcelona.

6. Curfews in the 48 hours before a game

Furthermore, Xavi implemented curfews in the 48 hours before a game to ensure that players are well-rested and focused on the task at hand.

7. Meritocracy

He also emphasized the importance of meritocracy within the squad, meaning that playing time will be earned through hard work and performance on the pitch.

8. Extracurricular activities will be monitored

Extracurricular activities were closely monitored by Xavi and his coaching staff, with high-risk activities being strictly prohibited.

9. Players prohibited from dangerous activities

With Xavi in the saddle, Barcelona players are not allowed to engage in risky activities such as surfing or riding electric bikes.

Such actions are termed as serious breaches of contract that will be handled by the club’s legal department.

10. Players must be positive representatives of the club

Xavi wanted his players to be positive representatives of the club both on and off the field, as he was determined to instill a sense of responsibility and professionalism in his squad.

His achievements at Barca

Xavi Hernandez joined Barcelona in 2021 after a successful stint with Qatar Stars League club Al Sadd where he won seven titles in less than three years.

Xavi was officially appointed as manager at his former club Barcelona and he won the 2022–23 Supercopa de España and the 2022–23 La Liga title in his first full season as the club’s manager.

However, Xavi decided to continue as Barcelona’s manager until the end of the following season after discussions with the club’s hierarchy, but he was ultimately relieved of his duties by club president Joan Laporta on 24 May.


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