Wilfred Ndidi compares Brendan Rodgers to previous managers

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    Super Eagles star, Wilfred Ndidi has praised manager Brendan Rodgers for helping him improve his form. The 23-year-old said Rodgers has sparked a big improvement in the way he plays the game better than any other manager before him.  

    Ndidi who has improved tremendously under Rodgers has seen an increase in the percentage of his passing accuracy by four percent. The defensive midfielder believes he now has a better understanding of the game and couldn’t have done it without Rodgers. 

    “I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, what I know now, if I’d have known it when I was growing up, I’d have been a better player,” said the 23-year-old. “I’m grateful to the manager for everything he’s installed in us.”

    “My understanding of the game is much better now. I see the game differently from what I used to. I learned from other managers as well so no disrespect to them, but this manager has made me understand more about the game, like the space available on the pitch. I feel like I’ve really improved since I first joined Leicester. [Rodgers has given me] the belief and understanding. That makes it easier when you find yourself in situations on the pitch.”

    “When I came to Leicester, I didn’t have much of the ball but now I find myself in situations where I have more time with the ball. That comes from the teaching and the understanding that the manager has given us. He’s made me understand the role I play and now it’s a case of developing from there.”

    When the Leicester City star is not on the pitch he’s in school studying for a degree in business and tourism management at De Montfort University.

    “It’s going well,” Ndidi said of his course. 

    ”I did my practical essay recently so I’m just waiting. I always wanted to study and now I can because I have more time after training. I just want to develop myself away from football. I usually have two lessons a week and I enjoy it.”

    Leicester City who has gotten off to a rather good start in the season have now found themselves in third-place on the premier league. The Foxes will face Wolves on Friday when they return from the winter break. 


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