White couples that Raheem Sterling stayed with while at Liverpool Academy has this to say about him


Raheem Sterling stayed with this white couple while he was getting ready to join Liverpool academy at such a young age and they have something to say about him.

Peter and Sandra Reeves were his guardians for about 3 years in a Small city near Liverpool, London. Raheem Sterling was 15 years old at the time, he’ll go to school in the day and later to the academy. Then come home to eat and sleep.

Mr. Reeves looked back at the time and said some ting about Sterling. He said: “Every morning, I’d come down, and they’d have a bacon butty waiting for me.”

“It was unbelievable. Beautiful garden out back. All these flowers, trees. It was like a different world.”

Mr Reeves said: “When he came, he was very quiet, he was only a 15-year-old lad.”

“Raheem’s always been focused but when he came, he had a plan, he knew where he was going. The club knew he was brilliant and they were desperate to get him,” Mrs Reeves said.

Mrs Reeves said: “He is such a level-headed lad and we’re so pleased he got the MBE.

“He’s got an absolutely lovely family so everybody should be really proud because he tries to do his best.”

Sterling played for Liverpool for a few years and he left for Manchester City in a record transfer in 2015.  At the time, Raheem Sterling’s transfer to Manchester City was the highest transfer fee paid for an English player. City paid £49 million in total cost to sing Raheem. Now, at Man City, Raheem Sterling earns £300,000

In the EURO 2020 competition, Raheem Sterling is the best player on the England three lion team. He has scored 3 goals so far and contributed to many other goals.  He is irreplaceable, fast, and has created many successful goal-scoring chances for England.



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