Wayne Rooney: Police see no blackmail in photographs of Derby County coach flirting with girls in a hotel room


Cheshire Police in England would not take further action in the photographs showing three girls flirting around Wayne Rooney in a hotel room.

Recall that on Sunday morning, reports were everywhere that Wayne Rooney spent the weekend at a hotel with friends. He and his friends were not the only ones at the hotel, they were there in the company of three girls.

The three girls – Elise Melvin, Brooke Morgan, and a Snapchat model Tayler Ryan, are said to be 21-year-old. They were seen around Rooney wearing only undies.

Wayne Rooney and girls flirting around him while sleeping.
Wayne Rooney and girls flirting around him while sleeping.

One of the aspects of the pictures that made many believe that the Derby County coach did not do anything inappropriate was the fact that some of the pictures were taken when the ex-Manchester United forward was sleeping.

When the images went viral earlier in the week, the speculation was that Wayne Rooney was set up by an unidentified person. His representatives called the police to inform them about the photographs.

Most people believe that there was a gang-up against Rooney because of his stand against the management of Derby County who he claimed are not doing enough to prepare the team ahead of the 2021-2022 season.

On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, Cheshire Police acknowledged that they have received a report about the photographs and they were going to take action. But later this week, they announced that there was no point going further with the case.

The police said they have spoken with coach Wayne Rooney about the case and he has told them that he didn’t plan to take the case any further.

A police statement read: “On Monday 26 July Cheshire Constabulary received reports of possible blackmail relating to several images circulating online.

“Officers have spoken to the person involved and are satisfied that no offenses have taken place. The person involved has also stated that they do not wish to take the matter any further.”

Since Wayne Rooney has decided to forgo the case, he would now concentrate on how to organize Derby County ahead of the 2021-2022 Championship season.

He is left with just nine professional players at the club. Unfortunately for the former England international, he injured one of the 9 professionals at the club, Jason Knight, during training.

Aside from his challenges at Derby County, his biggest challenge would be how to keep his family together amidst the scandals flying around him. As at last check on his wife, Coolen, his four sons, Kit, Kai, Cass, and Klay are holidaying in Wales.


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