Wayne Rooney and his kids celebrates Easter in style [Photo]

    images 2020 04 13T112735.752
    images 2020 04 13T112735.752

    Former Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney has shared a picture he had with his four sons on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday is set aside all over the globe for Christians to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.

    Wayne Rooney being a Catholic had to celebrate the day with his family despite the total lockdown order. The football star has been on daddy’s duty since the outbreak of coronavirus in the world.

    The 34-year-old Derby County team captain shared the picture to celebrate the 2020 dynamic Easter Sunday. Unlike many other Easter celebrations that most churches and recreational centers would be filled up with families who have come to catch fun, this year 2020 Easter is one of a kind. Wayne Rooney was pictured in his house with the boys in strict adherence to the social distance and lockdown protocol.


    Wayne Rooney’s Family

    The Croxteth born English player is reversed as one of the most offensive players in the history of football. Reasonably, the earned him the nickname ‘Rudeboy’. However, as crazy as Wayne Rooney may look on the field of play is an opposite reflection of who he is outside the pitch. Outside the field of play, Rooney is a perfect gentleman, he has been with his wife Coleen Rooney since the duo was in secondary school.

    Although, Wayne Rooney admitted to speculations that he patronized a prostitute in 2004, but this did not have a negative influence on his relationship with Coleen. The duo got married in 2008.

    Presently, their union is currently blessed with four kids: Kai Wayne, 2 November 2009, Klay Anthony, 21 May 2013, Kit Joseph, 24 January 2016, and Cass Mac Rooney, 15 February 2018.

    Since the emergence of the novel Covid-19, Wayne Rooney has been blessed with the luxury of time to spend with his beautiful wife and four kids. Often times, he has flaunted the beautiful picture of his family online to thrill his over 15 million Instagram followers.


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