Watch As Alvaro Morata Of Spain Got Pranked By His Pregnant Wife Alice Campbell

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Alvaro Morata of Spain was left looking embarrassed after his expecting wife, Alice Campbell feigned that her water had broken.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata got pranked by his Wife

Three kids have already been born to the football star and model Alice Campbell.

She decided to have fun with the former Chelsea striker as she is expecting her fourth child.

Alvaro Morata kept asking if she was kidding, perhaps because it was not April 1st and he didn’t appear convinced by the joke.

Standing in the corridor, Alice squirts water from a bottle through her jogging bottoms, creating a puddle on the floor.

She then calls her husband into the hallway as he watches football on TV in the living room, barely able to contain her enthusiasm.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata watches his wife as she pretends her water got broken

Alvaro Morata approached her cautiously before responding to the information that her water had allegedly ruptured, the first indication that a woman is about to give birth.

The football player instantly approached his wife and knelt to aid her, touching her pants. The influencer, however, was forced to giggle at her husband’s astonished expression at that same time.

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Morata shot her an indignant glance, opened his arms, and resumed watching television. He wasn’t as furious because he was accustomed to these jokes about his wife. The influencer then shared the humorous incident with followers in a video on social media.

Watch as Alvaro Morata’s wife prank him

The couple wed in Venice in 2017 After Alvaro Morata popped the question in 2016 on the stage of a magic show.

They already have twins and another infant who is only seven months old, so their home is a bustling one.

Alvaro Morata

The couple has reproduced four times already since their marriage in 2017 – twins Alessandro and Leonardo, a young boy named Edoardo, and finally, a yet-to-born baby girl who will join the family and provide even more joy.

A a few months ago, Alice Campello shared the name they chose for the unborn baby girl on social media, Bella Morata Campello.

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Alvaro Morata with Alice Campbell and Children

Alvaro Morata is getting ready for the start of the La Liga season with Atletico Madrid following the failure of Spain’s World Cup campaign.

The 2010 World Cup champions struggled to the round of 16, where they were eliminated by Morocco after a disastrous penalty shootout. Spain fell off after a great start to the tournament with a 7-0 victory over Costa Rica.

However, Morata, 30, will be satisfied with his contribution despite Spain’s struggles because he scored three goals in the tournament.

Alvaro Morata and his wife

He moved between Juventus and Atletico Madrid with various degrees of success after leaving Chelsea in 2019 following two challenging seasons.

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