Vinicius Jr. Taunted With More Racial Abuse, Slams La Liga and Spain For Racism


Vinicius Jr. was racially jeered and issued a ‘controversial red card’ after hitting Hugo Duro during the La Liga match between Valencia and Real Madrid on Sunday, May 21.

Vinicius Jr was racially abused

It was reported that Vinicius reacted angrily to further racist abuse directed towards him during the game.

What happened?

During Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Valencia, the match was briefly halted after Vinicius made allegations that he was subjected to racial abuse by some members of Valencia’s fans.

The 22-year-old Brazilian veteran winger notified the referee and then proceeded to identify specific individuals in the crowd.

Vinicius pointing at the crowd

Many of his teammates were seen supporting the Brazilian while appearing to be angry about the incident.

The referee paused the match briefly to evaluate the situation, speaking with both Vinicius and Real Madrid manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

Meanwhile, there were already tensions between players on the pitch when Valencia defender Eray Comert kicked a stray ball at Vinicius as the winger was attempting to run in behind with the official ball.

The incident resulted in a brawl between players from both teams.

The game was scheduled to resume with an indirect free-kick, but Vinicius expressed his dissatisfaction with the crowd.

While the Brazilian was relating his bitterness to the official, Jose Gaya from Valencia attempted to separate Vinicius from the crowd.

However, Vinicius was supported by his teammates Karim Benzema, Aurelien Tchouameni, Eder Militao, and Lucas Vazquez from Real Madrid.

Racism in La Liga
Confrontation between Real Madrid and Valencia players

While the officials were assessing the situation, Real’s coach Ancelotti had a conversation with Vinicius in an attempt to calm him.

Racism in La Liga

The game eventually resumed after a delay of approximately nine minutes.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back

Following the end of the match, when extra time was added, a heated altercation ensued between players from both teams.

Giorgi Mamardashvili, the goalkeeper for Valencia, received a yellow card for squaring up with Vinicius.

Racism in La Liga
Giorgi Mamardashvili was booked after angrily squaring up to Vinicius Jr

However, the referee was advised by VAR to review the incident again.

In the VAR review, Vinicius appeared to have retaliated against Hugo Duro by striking him, following a neck grab from behind by the Spanish youth international.

Racism in La Liga
Vinicius received a red card after pushing Duro away

Upon reviewing multiple replays, the referee, Ricardo De Burgos decided to issue a red card to Vinicius but did not do the same for Duro.

Former Blues defender Rudiger held Vinicius back, who responded by clapping sarcastically at the officials and flashing a peace sign to the spectators as he exited the field.

Vinicius hit back at the match officials, La Liga, and Spain

Vinicius has unfortunately been the target of racist abuse on a distressing frequency during the 2022-23 season.

La Liga has already received eight complaints regarding this issue.

And on the recent disheartening racial abuse, the Brazilian has voiced out his dissatisfaction on social media.

Vinicius wrote: “This has happened multiple times.” Racism is unfortunately prevalent in La Liga.”The competition considers it to be normal, and the Federation shares the same view.”

“Besides, the opponents also encourage it. I apologize. The championship that was once held by legendary footballers such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi is now, unfortunately, being dominated by individuals who hold racist beliefs.”

“It is unfortunate that Spain has been associated with racism.”

In addition, Vinicius Jr expressed his love for the beautiful nation that welcomed him, but he is disappointed that it has allowed the world to perceive Spain as a racist country.

He added: “I apologize to those Spaniards who may disagree, but currently in Brazil, Spain has gained a reputation as a country with a significant issue of racism.”

“Unfortunately, I have no defense for anything that happens each week. I concur. I am strong and determined to stand up against racists until the very end. Even if it’s far from here.”

Vinicius has been subjected to repeated racial abuse

In recent seasons, Vinicius has unfortunately been subjected to repeated instances of despicable racist abuse.

Earlier in this campaign, Atletico Madrid fans racially abused him.

He danced in front of the crowd after reportedly receiving similar abuse from Mallorca supporters last season.

Carlo Ancelotti speaks on Vinicius’ racial abuse

Following the match, Ancelotti also expressed his strong opinions regarding the different reoccurring racial incidents.

He exclaimed: “This style of playing football is unacceptable.”

“This situation is quite serious. During the game, a ball was thrown onto the field and Vinicius was subjected to constant insults. Yet, he was given a red card.”

“Could you please clarify the topic of our conversation? As we are currently in the year 2023, it is imperative that we acknowledge and actively work towards eradicating any form of racism. We need to head back home.”

What’s next?

It is yet to be determined what actions will be taken and by which authorities, after another disorderly match in the Spanish top-flight.

While we anticipate La Liga’s reaction to this, Real Madrid will host Rayo Vallecano in another League clash on the 24th of May.


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