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[VIDEO]Outrage As Ref Overlooks Andy Robertson Foul (Liv vs Tott)

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It’s obvious we are in the error of LiVARpool, where referees turn a blind eye on pretty much every foul the Red players give. In addition, Liverpool have concealed more fouls than any other club this season but yet seem to get away with it. They have gotten away with numerous handballs than their counter parts,  which leads to questioning the ability of VAR and the decisions of the Refs.

Here is a good example below; Andy Robertson should have been given a foul. The sad part about it, is, he knows as well he should have been given one. Hence, the pretense of rolling around on the pitch and pretending to be hurt to get away with it. To make matters worse, referee asked him if he’s ok, when he was clearly the one who made a tackle on Tanganga.

Coincidentally, Arsenal striker Aubameyang, committed a similar offense and was shown a red card. Some fans even argued saying Aubameyang didn’t get the ball and ruined Meyer ankle, hence the card. Whereas, Robertson is first to get to the ball, so it’s fair game. Seems VAR is picking and choosing which Clubs can get away with what? See a side by side picture below of Van Dijk committing a similar offense as Aubameyang, and let me know your thoughts. Should Robertson have been given a Red card as well or is it fair game?

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