US men’s soccer team wore orange armbands in support of tighter gun control

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The United States’ men’s soccer team stepped to the pitch to play a friendly match against Uruguay wearing rainbow armbands in support of tighter gun control. The friendly match took place at the Children’s Mercy Park, a Soccer-specific Stadium in Kansas City, Kansas on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

During the friendly game, the United States soccer men’s soccer team dominated the Uruguayan side in terms of possession but the South American team had more shots on target than the North American team.

However, Uruguay’s 12 shots, four of which were on target did not produce any goal. On the other hand, the US soccer team recorded 9 shots, three of which were on target but did not yield any goal.

Hence, the international friendly match which served as preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup bound-teams ended in a goalless draw. But was used to effectively pass a message that the US soccer team is supporting tighter gun control legislation in the United States.

In recent weeks, the country has recorded an increased number of shootings across the country, especially from youths who don’t suppose to have any business owning a gun.

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So far in 2022, the United States has recorded at least 239 separate mass shootings across the country according to the Gun Violence Archive.

US men's soccer team wore orange armbands in support of tighter gun control
Yunus Dimoara Musah in action for the US men’s soccer team on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Before the friendly game against Uruguay, the US soccer team had to send a letter to the congress which every member of the team signed including the team’s head coach, Gregg Berhalter.

At the time of publishing this report, there were reports that the US House of Representatives was expected to vote on tighter gun control legislation soonest. Hence, the push from the US soccer team could make that happen sooner than later.

“It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in our little world and what we’re doing and then you forget about what’s happening in the outside world, but this group certainly didn’t do that,” US head coach Gregg Berhalter said after the 0-0 draw with Uruguay on Sunday night.

“And you saw the letter and the orange armbands. And everyone’s just tired, and it’s good that this group is asking for action and asking people to make a change, and being the change is something we’ve been part of for a while now.”

While US defender Walker Zimmerman said: “We want to be a team that takes action and has a response, and for the guys to unanimously step up and say, no, we want to send this letter, we approve this letter, it just makes me proud to be a part of it.

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“I think it shows our growth as men, as United States citizens, as representatives of this country at that level. So I’m proud of the group in the way that we are standing up for what we believe in.”

The agitation for tighter gun laws in the United States is being fought by most sports organizations across the country including some NBA clubs, and some American tennis players, especially Coco Gauff.

“As athletes who have the privilege of traveling the globe representing the greatest country in the world, we are often asked how in a place like the United States there can be such horrific gun violence” the letter the US soccer team sent to the congress read.

“We are also asked why the representatives of the people do nothing even though most Americans want them to take action. Those of us who play professionally abroad experience none of these things in our daily lives, yet we return home to a place where mass shootings are frighteningly common and the victims are often defenseless children…

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“Our ability to affect change is limited, but yours is not.

“You could vote this week to address gun violence in America, and in fact, you will be given that opportunity. In the coming days, the US House of Representatives is voting on several bills that would address this serious issue. Please vote yes on all the bills being considered.”

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