UEFA Rejects Chelsea, Manchester City, And Rangers Attempt to Play National Anthem In The Champions League

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Chelsea, Manchester City, and Rangers seem to have requested from UEFA that they want to play their national anthem “God Save the King” before the kickoff in the Champions League match on September 14, 2022, in honor of the deceased former queen of England, Elizabeth II who passed away at the age of 96.

On September 8, 2022, “God save the king” was heard when England cricketers played South Africa for the first time since the death of King George VI on 6 February 1952. British football clubs wants to follow suit.

UEFA doesn’t seem to have an interest in approving their request and has confirmed that no national anthem will be played before that match.

A flag showing Chelsea and British logo

In addition, UEFA also claimed that the Champions League anthem would not be allowed to play in a bid to pay their last respect to the deceased Queen, who died last week.

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However, it is understood that some fans will defy the order and go ahead and sing the national anthem to honor the Queen.

There is a big chance that clubs will be fined if the fans disobey UEFA directives. The fans are less concerned about UEFA rejection.

However, for the Rangers’ match against Napoli, only Rangers fans are allowed at Ibrox Stadium. Due to policing resources, no away fans will be present to support their team.

Chelsea, Rangers, and Manchester City players and staff will wear black armbands.

However, a Tory MP, Greg Hands, has accused UEFA of being completely unreasonable. The sports minister is also furious about the decision to stop the clubs from singing “God Save The King” before they kick off their Champions League matches this week.

Queen Elizabeth II

UEFA Matches that will take place from September 14 to September 15 are:

Chelsea vs. RB Salzburg

Rangers vs. Napoli

Manchester City vs. Borussia Dortmund

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Europa League

Manchester United vs. Sherriff Tiraspol- 5:30pm

The Europa Conference League

FK RFS vs Hearts-8:00pm

Silkeborg vs West Ham8:00pm

Few clubs in the Championship and other English grassroots leagues will be allowed to play.

Why is UEFA’s decision to reject the request of British clubs a good one?

Uefa is always looking for a conducive way to make sure there is a good competitive environment. Playing the national anthem may affect the sportsmanship of the governing body.

The stadium of Rangers Football club and a British flag on it

UEFA is also fighting to ensure that Rangers fans don’t travel to the next Champions League game. The governing body has always dealt with fans’ crises and they are trying everything possible to reduce it this time around.

Fans from other clubs will surely boo the national anthem of the British club, which may totally lead to an uncontrollable crisis on the pitch.

British clubs that are likely to lose today’s Champions League match 

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Players playing tribute to the deceased queen

Rangers have been struggling in the Champions League. Napoli are a very strong team, and they showed it against Liverpool by beating them 4-1. Rangers are likely to lose heavily in this game.

Chelsea are coming off a one-goal loss to Dinamo Zagreb. It will not be easy for the new manager to start implementing his tactics. The London team will find it difficult to beat RB Salzburg.

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