Turkish Club, Alaya Kestelspor Face Terrible Bus Accident On Their Way Back From A Match

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Turkish club, Alanya Kestelspor’s players face tragedy as their players and staff were killed in a terrible bus disaster on the way back from a match.

The accident happened around 4:30 local time in the morning on Sunday, 12th of March, 2023, in front of Ulas Recreation Facilities near Alanya.


According to insiders, the Bus with the team players fell on its side when the driver lost control of the steering wheel and collided with the walls.

Later, the players were taken to the Alayan training and research hospital by the medical staff who came to their rescue.

According to the reports in Haberci Alayan, it was reported that 12 players were injured, 3 of which were seriously affected.


The head coach, assistant coach, and eleven other players all required medical attention.

The Turkish club who are in fourth place in their league had an accident when they were coming back from a 1-0 victory against Ofspor.

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The club president Levent Ugur explained in a statement that read; “We had a very unfortunate accident, the bus laying on the ground was dragged for 100 meters. Two of our players were in serious condition.”

In a statement released by the club, members expressed their gratitude that no lives had been lost in the tragic accident.

Supportive statements were also issued by a large number of other clubs, including the Turkish champions Trabzonspor and Galatasaray.

Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) statement on Alaya’s accident.

We’d like to send our thoughts and prayers to the players and staff of TFF Third League club Armoni Alanya Kestelspor, whose team bus crashed on the way back from Ye┼čilyurt D. Ofspor away.

Fenerbahce’s statement on Alaya’s accident.

“With great sadness, we have learned that the team bus transporting Alanya Kestelspor back from their match against Ofspor’s away team in the TFF 3rd League 2nd Group had an accident this morning. We hope those who were hurt will recover quickly, and we send our best wishes to Armoni Alanya Kestelspor.”

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Galatasaray club statement on Alanya’s accident.

“Armoni Alanya Kestelspor of the TFF Third League was involved in an accident on the way back from their away game against Ye┼čilyurt D. Ofspor, and the club’s management and fans are hoping that the team’s injured players will make a full recovery soon.”

What’s next for Alanya?

The club will be looking forward to picking itself up after the accident as they will be preparing for their next match against Idgir on Saturday, 18th of March, 2023.

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