Tunisia could be banned from the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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Tunisia might be barred from competing in next month’s World Cup in Qatar if the country’s government interferes in football matters, according to Fifa.

Tunisia could be barred from the World Cup finals in Qatar in 2022

The federations that make up Fifa must be free from governmental and political intervention.

The warning follows frequent statements by Kamel Deguiche, the minister of youth and sports for Tunisia, concerning the potential “dissolution of federal bureaux.”

The country’s football federation (FTF) has been asked to provide further information about attempts to influence in its internal affairs and threats to disband its office after Fifa deemed his statement to be an attempt to tamper in the FTF’s management.

The world football organization, which is based in Zurich, also reminded the FTF that member associations “must by law to manage their business independently and without undue interference from external parties.”

“Any failure to comply with these obligations may result in the imposition of penalties under the Fifa laws, including suspension of the relevant association,” a letter to FTF general secretary Wajdi Aouadi from Kenny Jean-Marie, director of member associations for Fifa read.

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If Fifa were to impose a ban, neither Tunisian clubs nor the national team could participate in either continental or international tournaments.

The World Cup champions from 2004, France, Denmark, and Australia will compete in Group D in Qatar beginning next month which is Tunisia’s group.

The Carthage Eagles, who have made five previous World Cup finals appearances but have never advanced past the group round, will begin their campaign on November 22 against the Danes.

Fifa has given the FTF till Friday to respond to its stance in light of the minister’s remarks.

Recent events have resulted in serious accusations being made against the FTF. One club side, Chebba, has accused the organization and its president, Wadie Jary, of misleading the Court of Arbitration for Sport in April 2021, prior to the court’s decision in the club’s favor later that year.

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In response to earlier examples of official meddling in sports, Fifa has already taken action this year; African nations Kenya and Zimbabwe are presently serving suspensions.

India was also suspended in August due to “undue influence from third parties,” which put the country’s hosting of the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in jeopardy. However, Fifa later lifted India’s suspension.

Why FIFA threatened to disqualify Tunisia from the World Cup

The potential of “dissolving federal offices of different disciplines” has put Tunisia’s participation in the 2022 Qatar World Cup in jeopardy, according to Kamel Deguiche, the minister of youth and sports in Tunisia.

Tunisia could be barred from the World Cup finals in Qatar in 2022

FIFA appears to have interpreted this to mean the Tunisian Football Association (FTF).

FIFA has requested clarification of these remarks in a letter that was leaked and made public by the radio station Mosaique FM. The letter makes reference to “State authorities’ attempts to meddle in the internal affairs of the Tunisian Federation and its threats to dissolve FTF’s office.”

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Wadie Jary: Tunisian Football Federation President Under Investigation Following Ban

Wadie Jary, the head of Tunisia’s football federation (FTF), has been given a four-year suspension by the nation’s National Olympic Committee (NOC).

The NOC claimed that Jary had “breached national and international Olympic ethics regulations” in a statement.

The Olympic organization declared that it would notify the International Olympic Committee and Fifa of any accusations against Jary that “do not fall under our jurisdiction.”

When elections for the Confederation of African Football’s Executive Committee take place in March, Jary, who has led the FTF since 2012, hopes to be elected.

His candidacy, which is this week being evaluated by the Caf’s governance committee, is uncertain as to how, if at all, the NOC’s suspension will impact it.

Jary’s professional life is expected to be unaffected because he is not a part of Tunisia’s NOC and because the nation’s football teams have not achieved Olympic qualification.

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