Trevor Noah in soccer, his net worth, Love and favorite clubs


Trevor Noah might be popular as a comedian, television host, political commentator, and actor, the love of soccer flow in his veins. He doesn’t just sit on a television set to make people laugh or inform people, he takes some time out to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer and even hang out with some of his favorite soccer stars.

The 36-year-old television host is popular for hosting an American satirical news program, The Daily Show, but that does not mean that all his life is about comedy and being on television.

Hence, this article will tell you more about the comedian estimated net worth, his favorite soccer clubs, and his love life.

What nationality is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on 20 February 1984 to South African parents, Robert and Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah.

His father is of Swiss ancestry who was classified as white during the apartheid regime in South Africa. While his mother is of Xhosa ancestry who was classified as black during the apartheid regime.

On the part of Trevor Noah, he is seen as a product of a mixed-race even though his both parents are citizens of South Africa. Due to this, the comedian is classified as a “colored” person. In a nutshell, Trevor Noah is a full-blooded South African.

Where does Trevor Noah live?

Manhattan’s Hell's Kitchen
Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen

Though Trevor Noah has never hidden the fact that he is from South Africa, he spends most of his time in America, where he currently works as the host of The Daily Show.

While in America, he lives in New York City. He moved permanently to the city in 2011, four years before he took over from Jon Stewart as the host of the Daily Show. His contract with the producers of the show will last until 2022.

Trevor Noah’s mansion in New York City is reportedly worth $10 million and is located at Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. The three-bedroom state of the art apartment occupies the 17th and 18th floor of the world-class private property in the city.

However, due to his foundation, he always travels to his home country for his charity work, special appearances, and to visit family and friends.

Does Trevor Noah have a girlfriend and Trevor Noah Wife 2020

Trevor Noah and his ex Jordyn Taylor
Trevor Noah and his ex Jordyn Taylor

Trevor Noah used to date Jordyn Taylor, a real estate agent with Taylor Martin Team who also does some form of modeling. The South African comedian and actor started dating Kelly before he became the host of The Daily Show.

The 36-year-old television star, dated Kelly for four years before they parted ways without any news of bearing kids together or being legally hooked.

According to a report by US Weekly, Trevor Noah is now dating an American actress Minka Kelly. Their relationship reportedly started in early 2020.

Noah and his current girlfriend Minka Kelly.
Noah and his current girlfriend Minka Kelly.

They were said to be cited outside Trevor Noah’s apartment in New York City before the coronavirus lockdown started in the United States in March 2020. “They’ve been dating for a while, well before quarantine started”, an unnamed source told US Weekly in September 2020.

What soccer team does Trevor Noah support?

Trevor Noah and Liverpool's Mohamed Salah.
Trevor Noah and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

As stated earlier, it is not only about television shows for Trevor Noah, he has a very soft spot for soccer. He is a big fan of the Premier League club, Liverpool.

The comedian said his favorite soccer star is Egyptian right-winger and Liverpool talisman, Mohamed Salah. In July 2018, Trevor Noah took to his Instagram page to share a picture he took with Salah which he captioned: “Such an honor meeting one of my favorite players and human beings in the world. A star both on and off the pitch”.

Besides the Premier League club, the television star is a big fan of Major League Soccer team, New York City FC. The club shared a video where the comedian was being interviewed in the stadium in 2016. In the video, Noah affirmed that he is a fan of the club and he will always come to watch the club’s matches whenever he has the opportunity.

What is Trevor Noah’s net worth?

According to AB-TC, Trevor Noah’s net worth is estimated at $40 million. The South African star who lives in a 10 million dollars mansion, accumulated this net worth from acting (which he started in the early 00s in South Africa), investment in real estate, stand up comedy, television host, writing, producing, and events hosting.

It was reported that before Trevor Noah relocated from Johannesburg, South Africa, to New York City, he already owns a Lamborghini and a Porsche which he sold to travel light to his new base.

Trevor Noah's Bel Air hills mansion.
Trevor Noah’s Bel Air hills mansion.

Besides his apartment in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, he bought a mansion in Bel Air hills, Los Angeles in 2018 which reportedly worth $20,500,000.

He drives in Bentley Bentayga which reportedly worth over $250,000. He also has a Lamborghini Urus which worth over $200,000. The stake in his real estate is worth over 30 million dollars.


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