Trent is a great player – Reece James defends Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Reece James
    Reece James

    Chelsea and England defender, Reece James has responded to the criticism thrown at the England national team and his teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold, stressing that Trent is a great player”.

    The Three Lions have had to face a lot of criticisms after their recent performance at the Nations League competition. England has played their first three games without a win and scored just once.

    Reece James

    James and Arnold are the two main right-backs in the team together with Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier, and they are all competing to secure a place in the first team. The two young stars are fantastic at the club level but have failed to show the same quality in their national team.

    This has given Gareth Southgate worries about who to select for the first team. The defenders have similar qualities when it comes to their style of play at the right-back position. They are known to run from the flanks, delivering accurate crosses into the box.

    Trent Liverpool player
    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    However, the Liverpool defender, Trent Alexander-Arnold is regarded as a better right-back than Chelsea’s Reece James. James is seen as a better player when it comes to making defensive decisions.

    While addressing that notion, James noted Trent looks better than him offensively because he has more work to do defensively at Chelsea than Arnold does at Liverpool.

    He added that Trent Alexander-Arnold is a better player than him even though Arnold defends less. The Chelsea man made this known after he was asked of Arnold during their third Nations League game which was against Italy.

    “I make mistakes as well”, James said after the Nations League game against Italy which ended in a draw. “I gave away a penalty against Hungary so we are both still learning our trade. Liverpool have 95percentt of the ball and he defends less than I have to.

    “People have a lot of stuff to say and don’t really know the game. Trent is a great player.”

    James made his 12th appearance for The Three Lions games against Italy. Arnold who left the team for a break was not included in the line-up but made his 17th appearance for England during their first game against Hungary in the 2022 Nations League competition.

    It remains to be seen who will get the nod (between James and Trent in England’s squad) in the forthcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. “I’ll try everything I can [to be the first choice]”, James said.

    “Only my performances will be able to prove what I can bring. “In this,e games and building into next season,n I’ll hopefully be able to show that I’m ready to play every game.”


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