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Tottenham’s Harry Kane Wants Champions League Spot

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Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is looking forward to finishing the disrupted 2019-2020 Premier League season “strong” despite knowing that it will be extremely difficult for the club to win at least 8 of their 9 games to make it into the top 4.

The Jose Mourinho led squad is currently sitting on the 8 spot on the league table with 41 points, just 7 points behind 4th placed Chelsea football club and 12 points behind 3rd placed Leicester City.

The likelihood of Tottenham Hotspur making it into the top 4 if they win at least 7 out of 9 matches is high because the club will meet about three clubs that are ahead of them when the season restart on June 17 as proposed by the Premier League. But that likelihood can only be realised if they conquer those three teams – Manchester United, Sheffield United and Leicester City.

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Harry Kane, the club’s top scorer who has been out with an injury since January 1st, has since recovered after undergoing surgery. He is already looking forward to leading Tottenham to a top 4 finish and subsequently qualifies for the UEFA Champions League when the season finally restart.

“We’ve got to try to finish in the top four,” he said in an interview on Spurs’ official website. “There’s no doubt about that.

“We’ve got a massive game against Manchester United as our first game back and realistically we’re going to have to win seven or eight of the games we have left to get in the Champions League.

“That’s got to be our aim and we’ve got to make sure we finish strongly if we want to be playing Champions League football next season.”

The Mathematics in the Head of Harry Kane

The Mathematics in the Head of Harry Kane
Harry Kane

Tottenham’s first game out of the 9 is against 5th placed Manchester United that currently has 45 points in 29 games. If Tottenham wins that, they will have the same points as United but United will still maintain the 5th spot due to stronger goals difference if Wolves and Sheffield United do not win their first matches as they are both on 43 points and occupying the 6th and the 7th spot.

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Tottenham’s next match against West Ham might not affect other clubs in the top 8 if they win their own matches. Their third match against Sheffield United could shake the top 8 standings. For instance, if Tottenham wins that match and the matches before it, they will have 50 points. This will take Tottenham to the 4th spot if Chelsea draws one and loses two in their first three matches while other top 8 clubs draw all their first three matches except Manchester United that should lose to Tottenham.

If the mathematics continue like that, which is almost impossible, then Mourinho and his boys could finish the disrupted season smiling in the top 4. But the moral lesson is that the destiny of Tottenham to make the top 4 this season is not only in their hands but also in the hands of the other 6 clubs in the top 8.

Even 9th placed Arsenal that has 40 points can spoil the party for Tottenham because Mourinho still has a date with the Mikel Arteta’s boys. Leicester City that is occupying the 3rd spot with 53 points can also spoil the party for Tottenham when they meet in one of the 9 games because the club beat Harry Kane and his teammates 2 goals to one in September, one month before the arrival of Mourinho.

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