Toronto FC gets a late game-winner at Wanderers Ground


    In the seventh minute, Halifax’s Samuel Salter was called for a foul. Quentin Westberg came up big against Halifax’s number 30. Samuel Salter of Halifax had a dangerous shot in the 20th minute, but it just missed the target. In the 24th minute, Halifax gave up a corner.

    The ball was knocked out by Halifax goalkeeper Christian Oxner. The 25-minute Halifax shot was off-target. In the 36th minute, Christian Oxner punched the ball. In the 40th minute, Michael Petrasso made a quick pass to Ifunanyachi Achara but was unable to get to the ball.

    In the first half, there wasn’t much going on. In the first half, both teams struggled to generate scoring opportunities, with Toronto in particular struggling to get that final pass delivered correctly.

    In the first half, Halifax had two more opportunities. Mour Samb and Aidan Daniels both had chances to hit the target, but both missed.

    Toronto’s first goal came as a result of their excellent set-piece play. Luca Petrasso’s superb cross was instrumental in the goal. Jordan Perruzza was able to connect on the cross and score. In the 55th minute, Ayo Akinola’s shot was blocked.

    In the 59th minute, Shalom deposed a TFC player. A Jimenez’s shot was deflected. In the 68th minute, Garcia made the first move.

    Samuel Salter’s ability to find the bottom corner of the net resulted in the second goal. Salter hit a spectacular shot. TFC goalkeeper Quentin Westberg, on the other hand, should have done a better job with that shot. He appeared to be slow to react, and as a result, the shot went into the net. In the 79th minute, Salter’s shot was blocked. Salter’s shot in the 82nd minute came close to scoring, but it just went wide.

    Jonathan Osorio came through once more for TFC. Although the goal was scored by Peter Schaale, Osorio played a key role in it. 

    First and foremost, credit goes to Jacob Shaffelburg of Nova Scotia, whose cross was connected by Osorio inside the box. Osorio’s shot was deflected a few times, including by Schaale, before going into the net. Halifax had several scoring opportunities during the game but was unable to capitalize.

    As a result, TFC will play either CF Montreal or Forge FC in the semi-finals of the Canadian Championship. This comes as Halifax was eliminated from the Canadian Championship for the second straight year by an MLS team.


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