Top 5 most valuable football clubs in the world


    There are many football clubs in the world but these 5 clubs are the richest clubs in the world. Football has been a big business, especially in the 21st century as football clubs rake in millions from the endorsement, advertisement, TV rights amongst others.

    But these top clubs have made the mark to be in the top five through the sales of their jerseys, matchday and season tickets, and other promotional activities.

    This is the reason most clubs go out of their way to spend close to 100 million Euros in getting players who could be become a game-changer for their side, win them laurels like the Champions League that the winner could smile home with nothing less than 70 million Euros and other incentives. Football is indeed a huge business.

    Who occupies the top five most valuable football clubs table?

    So, let’s look at the five most valuable football clubs as of June 2020 as they continue to rake in cash.

    5. Manchester City

    The sales of $500 million stake to private equity firm Silver Lake, has increased the value of Manchester City immensely. Man City club, the Abu Dhabi-controlled City Football Group (CFG) is valued at $4.8 billion.

    David Silva
    Man City celebrates goal against Norwich City

    The Financial Times reported that the Silver Lake will buy just over 10% of CFG, which owns City and six other football clubs worldwide, including New York City FC in MLS and Melbourne City in the Australian A-League.

    4. Bayern Munich

    The Bavarians fall under number four on the table after being valued at $3,063bn. With a brand value of $1.47 bn U.S. dollars from 2011 to 2019, the Bundesliga champions have an enterprise value of over $3bn.

    Bayern Munich
    Bayern Munich is already in the final of the German FA Cup

    3. Barcelona

    Although, they might have lost almost all trophies in front of them this seaso, Barcelona is till in the top five clubs in the world in terms of value.

    Messi seal the game for the spot against Leganes

    This is despite the fact that the club is owned by supporters, who operate it as well. The Catalan giant is the third-most valuable sports team in the world, worth $4.06 billion.

    The former La Liga winners remain the world’s richest football club in terms of revenue, with an annual turnover of €840,8 million.

    2. Real Madrid

    According to the latest information released by Forbes, the newly crowned La Liga champions, Real Madrid is valued at $4.239 bn.

    Real Madrid team celebrate its La liga triumph

    As of May 2019, the Galaticos were the most successful club in the worth with the value of $4.24 Billion.

    It is expected that with the winning of the La Liga title, their stoke will soon rise.

    Real Madrid from sponsorship, the continuous increase in the value of television rights, third consecutive Champions generated revenue amounting to 100 million dollars. Their revenue was also boosted due to the new sponsorship agreement with adidas.

    1. Manchester United

    They might have been having things rough after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United is till among the top five year in, year out.

    Manchester United celebrates second goal against Leicester City

    Forbes in its reports said Manchester United were worth $3.8 billion (£3bn) in May 2019.

    They have now overtaken Real Madrid and Barcelona after falling behind in 2019.


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