Tips and Tricks on How to Defend in FIFA 20 like a Big-time Pro

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    images 2020 05 10T144753.086

    The coronavirus pandemic has halted football across the world. Since March, those who can not do without watching a football match have been subjected to trying to get used to living without the beautiful game. Those who can afford it, have switched to playing a football video game known as FIFA 20, just to keep the football spirit flowing in them.

    But there is an issue. No one will enjoy a game he always loses in. You can not win much in football, especially in FIFA 20 if you don’t know how to defend tactically and creatively. You can not enjoy the game if you keep allowing those cheap goals in. Hence, we decided to gather some tips and tricks to keep you on top of your game as far as defending in FIFA 20 is concerned.

    Tricks to help you defend like a professional FIFA 20 star

    FIFA 20

    Minimize or stop Sprinting in a Defensive situation

    Most FIFA 20 players make the mistake of depending on pressing down the sprint button. This is counterproductive if you are trying to defend against a fast attack. When you press down the Sprint button while defending or attacking, you are not only wasting the stamina of your players, you are pulling them out of position.

    Don’t leave your backline exposed by sprinting. Instead, switch to your defensive midfielder while you are allowing your defenders to fall back to cover the loosed ends. To switch to players nearest to the ball, press the R1/RB button.

    Maintain Position

    While in a defensive situation in FIFA 20, it is advisable you press down L2/LT to move into position. Afterwards, press Circle/X to tackle or win the ball from your opponent. It is also advisable that you utilise this method when you are close to the attacker with the ball.

    Don’t depend too much in using Contain X/A because it is not too effective in FIFA 20. Even contain R1/RB which is used for second-man contain is not also too effective in FIFA 20. It takes players out of position. So they should not be too utilized when there are other options.

    The best way to maintain your position while playing FIFA 20 is to allow manual positioning. This can be done by manually following the player with the ball with one defender. This will limit the options left for the attacking player to lay a through pass to a teammate.


    We are always tempted to use sliding tackles when our defence is under attack. But this should be used only when there is no better choice. A failed or a badly done sliding tackle can lead to a foul or can open up more spaces for the opposing team to get through your defence. You can carry out sliding tackles by pressing Square/B button. Hold down the button to power up the tackle but the power bar should not exceed two. If you want to play a defensive-minded game in FIFA 20, it is advisable you utilize the 4-2-4 formation or just use the swap-defence mode – a situation where all your players fall back to defend when under attack.

    Keep possession

    Another form of defending in FIFA 20 is to keep possession as much as you can. The more you keep the ball in your possession, the more you limit the chances of being under attack. Besides that, when the ball is always in your possession, your opponents will be unsure of what you are capable of. They may also grow jittery when they are not able to get much of the ball.

    In conclusion, for you to defend well, you have to choose the right team and the right set of players to play with. You don’t just dwell on using only one style. Sometimes, switch from pattern to pattern but dwell more on the pattern that works for you. When you are unpredictable and deliberate in your approach, it will be difficult to be defeated in FIFA 20.


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