Thomas Zilliacus has not pulled out from the race to purchase Manchester United

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Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus who was earlier in the news to have pulled out from the race to purchase Manchester United has established that he is still focused on buying the team from the Glazers. 

This is coming after Thomas Zilliacus castigated the club’s American owners on Social media teeming the developing takeover matter as a “farce” and pointing accusing fingers at the Glazers of disrespecting the team.

However, the Finnish businessman came out plainly by maintaining that he still wants to acquire the English giants and his unrevealed second bid is still in effect.

Zilliacus maintains he would not be dragged into a third phase of bidding

But Thomas Zilliacus insists he will not be pulled into a third-round bidding contest because he thinks that’s “highly unprofessional”.

Thomas Zilliacus
Thomas Zilliacus

Zilliacus in an interaction with the BBC said: “My earlier offer still stands and I am willing to pay a premium above what I offered.

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“I’m not going to be participating in a third round because I find it highly unprofessional.

He also said: “I see no reason whatsoever why a third round is basically starting the whole thing from scratch.

“It seems odd to me that, if there is a genuine will to sell and you have three serious bidders, why you don’t sit down with the bidders, discuss and negotiate and hopefully come to a number that everyone can agree.”

The Finnish entrepreneur lambasted the Glazers additionally as he asked about their desire to strengthen the club for next campaign. 

Thomas Zilliacus
The Finnish Entrepreneur

Zilliacus also cautioned that there is a high chance the American owners handling of the matter will have a “negative impact” on Manchester United.

The Finnish Businessman says he doesn’t see the Glazers spending much on players

The 69-year-old added: “I can’t see the Glazers spending a lot of money on new players. If they have decided to sell the club, why would they do that?

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“The potential to have a negative impact on the club is big and is growing every day when there is no decision on this.”

This follows the information that bidders were told that they have till the end of the month to submit amended bids. 

The American owners of Manchester United are waiting for an outrageous £6billion but as of now the highest bid they received from Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim Bin Al Thani has only hit £5billion. 

Thomas Zilliacus has previously had ties with HJK Helsinki and ice hockey champions Jokerit in Finland. He is the creator and chairman of new social media organisation novaM Group.

The Finnish business man’s intention is to buy half of the club with the other half to be bought by fans, who would be part of the team’s decision-making. 

This is based on Thomas Zilliacus’ statement in March when he initially displayed his desire to buy the English Premier League giants. 

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