Thomas Tuchel wish to revere sanction so Chelsea can sell tickets for home Champions League games

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Thomas Tuchel believes his evening was wrecked by rumors that Chelsea may be unable to sell tickets for any further home Champions League games this season while Roman Abramovich remains the club’s owner and European Union penalties remain in effect.

Thomas Tuchel reveals that he is unhappy as Chelsea may not be able to sell tickets for home Champions League games

Christian Pulisic and Cesar Azpilicueta scored for the Blues as they defeated Lille 2-1 (4-1 on aggregate) to advance to the quarter-finals.

The win came after Sky Sports News claimed that the club may have to play the balance of the campaign behind closed doors due to sanctions prohibiting the club from selling match tickets.

“Thanks for ruining my evening,” said Thomas Tuchel, whose side has won all five of their matches since Abramovich announced the club is for sale.

He told BT Sport, “Brilliant, brilliant, and so nice to see so many people here to support the squad.” “We’ve advanced to the quarter-finals, which is a significant step forward, and we’ve once again demonstrated resilience and mental toughness in the face of adversity. We performed what was required, dug in, and earned a well-deserved victory. It’s tough here [in Lille], so congratulations to the squad.”

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“Within Chelsea and the building where we work every day, there is a culture like this. From the beginning, I noticed a football-first mentality. Every three days, everyone pushes the first team to its limits and puts football first.

“This is the culture, and it is already in place, which allows us to focus in difficult times when we are distracted because it is already in place – we don’t need to install it now.

“Of course, we support the players, and I feel a part of it all, but I’m only a portion, which is why it’s so satisfying that we can still create results. I’m quite pleased with myself.”

Abramovich sanctioned by the European Union

In a move aimed at Russia, the European Union placed sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

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Due to his strong ties to Vladimir Putin, the EU included the Russian businessman to its updated list of persons facing asset freezes and travel bans.

Thomas Tuchel reveals that he is unhappy as Chelsea may not be able to sell tickets for home Champions League games

According to a statement issued by UEFA, “UEFA is completely committed to enforcing all relevant EU and international sanctions at all times. According to our understanding, the current case is being considered in light of the license granted in the United Kingdom, which permits Chelsea FC to continue with minimal football activity while ensuring that Mr Abramovich does not profit financially.

“We will engage with the EU and relevant member states to ensure that we have complete clarity and that we are up to date on all relevant and appropriate actions.”

Following significant criticism, Chelsea has canceled its request to play Saturday’s FA Cup quarter-final against Middlesbrough behind closed doors.

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