This is Why Bruno Saltor Left His Technical Role at Chelsea


    Bruno Saltor was the first technical staff at Chelsea to leave after the club appointed Mauricio Pochettino as new manager.

    Saltor quit his technical role at Chelsea in 2023 for mostly personal reasons. He did not disclose any specific details, but he said that he needed to focus on his family and his other business interests.

    Saltor joined Chelsea in 2022 as a first-team coach. He had previously worked as a scout for the club. He was known for his work with young players, and he helped to develop a number of players who have since gone on to play for the first team.

    Saltor’s departure is a blow to Chelsea. He was a popular figure in the dressing room, and he was highly respected by the players and staff. However, the club respects his decision, and they wish him all the best in the future.

    Bruno Saltor

    It is possible that Saltor’s departure is related to the recent change in ownership at Chelsea. The new owners may have different ideas about how the club should be run, and Saltor may not have been comfortable with the direction they were taking the club.

    It is also possible that Saltor simply felt that it was time for a change. He had been working in football for a long time, and he may have wanted to pursue other interests.

    Whatever the reason for his departure, Saltor’s time at Chelsea was a success. He helped to develop a number of young players, and he played a role in the club’s success on the pitch. He will be missed by the club and its fans.

    Who is Bruno Saltor?

    Bruno Saltor Grau is a Spanish former professional footballer who played as a right-back. He is currently a coach.

    Saltor made his professional debut with Espanyol in 1998. He went on to play for Almería, Valencia, and Brighton & Hove Albion. He retired from playing in 2020.

    Saltor began his coaching career as a scout for Brighton & Hove Albion in 2020. He was appointed as a first-team coach at Chelsea in 2022. He left Chelsea in 2023 for personal reasons.

    Saltor is known for his work with young players. He helped to develop a number of players who have since gone on to play for the first team at Chelsea, including Reece James and Mason Mount.

    Saltor is a highly respected coach. He is known for his knowledge of the game, his ability to develop players, and his positive attitude. He is a role model for young coaches everywhere.


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