There is commotion in PSG dressing room over Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal


    There has been commotion in the PSG dressing room after Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal.

    The German was reportedly sacked over his recent comment made about the selection in the club, which he had said was a joke.

    According to the French media, the players did not take well the dismissal of the coach after taking them to the last 16 of the Champions League and on a good run with the team in the last few matches.

    Thomas Tuchel speaking at a press conference

    Due to this, Tuchel’s dismissal caught everyone by surprise. The Parisian team will face Barca in the knockout stage of the Champions League, and they are only one point behind Ligue 1 leaders, Lille and Lyon.

    The commotion stemmed from the good relationship the squad has with the German. L’Équipe reported that the PSG players did not expect this decision by Leonardo, Parisian sports director. They have therefore been commenting on the WhatsApp group over the development.

    Several players praised Tuchel on their social networks. One of the messages was from Kylian Mbappé, star of the team and who had had some problems with the German coach in the past.

    “Unfortunately, that is the law of football. But no one will forget your passage here. You wrote a good chapter in the history of the club, thank you coach ”, Mbappé dedicated to Tuchel.

    Will Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal affect PSG dressing room and performance?

    Meanwhile, many are waiting for the signing of Mauricio Pochettino as a new coach. But there are discrepancies at PSG over the departure of Tuchel. This could affect the team after Christmas.

    It might affect the future of Neymar and Mbappe at the club. The duo has a year and six months left on their present deals. PSG had reportedly reached advanced stages with them, having expressed the interest of staying at the club beyond 2022.

    But the big stick that Leonardo has wielded could affect the Paris club.

    Meanwhile, Mauro Icardi is among the first to confirm his stay at the club as he awaits the confirmation of Pochettino as the new coach.

    This is coming from a striker, who faces doubts about his future at the club after being down the pecking order in the team.

    But the Argentine did not hesitate and his surroundings assure that he will continue in Paris in this new stage under the command of his compatriot. Icardi had signed a five-year contract with four years to go after initially joining on loan from Inter Milan.


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