The Netherlands’ 1988 Home Kit is The Most Expensive Football Kit in history…See Other Expensive Kits

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The Netherlands’ 1988 Home Kit is the most expensive and valuable football kit ever produced with a sale value of £1000. Germany, Argentina, and Denmark follow with an equally record breaking sale value for football kits.

Football kit
Netherlands 1988 Home Kit

Below is the list of the top 20 most expensive football kits and their corresponding sales value.

1. The Netherlands Home 1988 – £1000

Football kits

Netherlands’ 1988 home kit tops the list of the most valuable football kits ever produced. Netherlands’ usual advantage with great kits was, once again, brought to bear in 1988 when the bright orange-colored home kit was released.

2. Germany Away 1990 – £600

Football kit

Germany’s 1990 Away kit is second on the list with a record sale value of £600. The 1990 Away Kit has remained football fans’ favorite. Its great and iconic green design and geographic pattern give a perfect look.

3. Argentina Away Kit 1994 – £500

Football kits

With its dark blue color and a darker diamond pattern running down one part of the shirt, Argentina’s 1994 Away kit has been among the most respected as it marked the end of Maradona’s international career. The kit has rapidly seen its sale value rise to £500.

4. Denmark 1986 – £500

Football kit

Denmark brought perfection to Barcelona’s Blackburn and Juventus’ half-and-half kit. In 1986. Used in the 1986 World Cup tournament, the kit had a pink half with a white and red stripe and a red half with tonal. It has been termed Denmark’s all-time great.

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5. Napoli 1990-91 – £500

Football kit

Napoli’s 1990-91 kit made of light blue color was also designed to symbolize Diego Maradona’s legendary football career with the Serie A giants. The kit has commanded wide reverence among followers of the Argentine, including all admirers of his incredible skills. The design was equally buoyant too.

6. Tottenham Home 1985-86 – £400

Football kit

In the 1985/86 football season, Tottenham’s traditional white was designed and touched with shades of blue. The small blue stripes on the hummel chevrons gave it a glorious and fabulous look, making it aesthetically appealing to the fans.

7. CCCP 1988 – £400

Football kit

In 1998, the defunct Soviet Union switched their plain red kits and covered them with a geometric pattern. The shirt is now considered a design classic with a record sales value of £400.

8. Liverpool Home 1989-91 – £350

Football kit

Liverpool’s 1989-91 home kit was worn by one of Liverpool’s all-time best teams. Designed with a white pattern against a red base, the kit turned out to be collector’s item.

9. Man United Third 1992-93 – £350

Football kit

Designed in green and yellow, Man United’s 1992/93 third shirt has turned into a political weapon rallying Manchester United fans against Glazier’s club ownership. It commanded huge sales and popularity among fans.

10. Hull City Home 1992-93 – £300

Football kit

In 1992, Hull City turned their gold and black stripes into a full tiger print. Despite being criticized initially, it has become the Premier League’s most valuable kit in recent years.

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11. Barcelona Away 1991-92 £300

Football kit

Barcelona’s 1991-92 away kit was famous for two reasons – its bright orange color and the fact that they wore it and won their first Champions League.

12. Chelsea Away 1994-95 – £300

Football kits

In the 1994/95 football season, Chelsea was nowhere to be found in the Premier League, but their away shirt was a hit. Made in three colors – strip, grey, and orange, and slapped with the Coors logo, the shirt was classic.

13. PSG Away 2006-07 – £250

Football kits

In the 2006/07 football season, PSG was far from where they are, but their away kit that year was a massive success in terms of sales. Brown but finished with a touch of a golden monogram pattern which consisted of “PSG,” the Eiffel tower, and a fleur-de-lis, it turned out to be fans’ favorite.

14. Arsenal Away 1995-96 – £200

Football kits

Nike’s vector logo was critical in turning Arsenal’s 1995/96 away shirt into a classic, hitting the £200 mark. With its navy blue color and the blue lightning bolt at the center, the shirt turned out to be a hit.

15. Newcastle Home 1995-96 – £200

Football kits

Newcastle’s 1995/96 home jersey is 15th on the list and has made records breaking into the £200 mark. With the black and white stripes typical of Newcastle Jerseys, the 1995/96 home jersey was a significant breakthrough.

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16. Juventus Away 2015-16 – £200

Football kits

Juventus’ 2015/16 away shirt reached a milestone with sale value skyrocketing when popular music artist and rapper, Drake wore it. Featuring two pink colors and a white band in the middle, it turned into a classic.

17. Roma Third 2019-20 – £175

Football kits

Nike deployed its Vector logo in 2019-20 on a number of third kits, but Roma stood out with a great design when the logo was used. Combining Giallorossi colors, the design featured multiple Lupetto Logo colors, depicting a Wolves head inside a circle.

18. Nigeria Home 2018 – £150

Football kits

The 2018 Nigeria home kit was a record breaker, with websites crashing due to the rush on patronage. It later won Beazley Design Award. The shirt has hit the £150 mark.

19. Inter Home 2014-15 – £150

Football kits

Inter Milan’s 2014/15 home shirt has shot up in value in a relatively short time. The design of Inter Milan’s kit was classic, although the team finished in the 8th position on the Serie A table. The Blues pinstripes were the vintage design giving the shirt a great look.

20. Real Madrid Third 2015-16 – £100

Football kits

Real Madrid’s third shirt in the 2015/16 football season has risen in value incredibly. Inspired by Real Madrid’s night sky, the shirt features two shades of blue with a three-button collar.

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