The Compelling Journey Of Vincent Kompany: From Setbacks To Success


Vincent Kompany has encountered both good and bad times as he has experienced various setbacks and obstacles in his life, from failed bar openings to facing expulsion from school at a young age.

Despite these challenges, Kompany persevered and continued to excel both on and off the field.

Vincent Kompany’s struggles

Vincent Kompany’s family faced racism while he was growing up. Kompany almost didn’t pursue a career in football due to a challenging childhood.

At the age of 14, Vincent Kompany was expelled from school because of his dedication to the Belgian youth team, leading to his removal from the squad.

He encountered more challenges when his parents divorced and he was evicted from his home.

In 2019, he opened up about the prevalence of drugs and gangs in his neighborhood during his formative years, acknowledging that he could have easily veered off course if not for his passion for football.

Vincent Kompany

One of his biggest disappointments came when he tried his hand at entrepreneurship by opening a bar in Manchester.

In April 2014, Vincent Kompany launched two new sports bars in Belgium called Good Kompany, one situated at the Grand Place in Brussels and the other at the Groenplaats in Antwerp.

Unfortunately, both establishments were shut down within a year of their grand opening.

Reflecting on the closure, Kompany expressed regret, mentioning that while they had a decent amount of customers and turnover, it was not sufficient to sustain the costs involved.

This experience taught him a valuable lesson in business, “investments always come with risks, and sometimes the outcome may not be favorable.”

His successful days

While playing for Manchester City, he managed to graduate from university with a degree in business management in 2018, showcasing his determination and commitment to self-growth

In a surprising turn of events, Kompany tied the knot with his Mancunian girlfriend, Carla Higgs, a devoted Manchester City fan, on 11 June 2011.

The couple have two children, a daughter Sienna who is 13 years old, and a son, Kai who is 10 years old.

This unique aspect of his personal life has endeared him even more to the City faithful.

Vincent Kompany’s football career

Vincent Kompany’s illustrious career as a player saw him make a total of 121 appearances for Anderlecht, scoring 7 goals and winning the Belgian First Division twice.

He then moved on to Hamburg, where he made 51 appearances, scored 4 goals, and won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2007.

Kompany’s most successful stint came at Manchester City, where he made 360 appearances, scored 20 goals, and won numerous accolades including the Premier League four times, the FA Cup twice, and the EFL Cup four times.

On the international stage, Kompany represented Belgium 89 times, scoring 4 goals.

His managerial role

After retiring as a player, Kompany transitioned into management, taking on the role at Anderlecht. He then moved to Burnley and led the team to victory in the Championship in 2023.

Now, at 38 years old, Kompany is on the brink of a new chapter in his career as he is being considered for the prestigious role of Bayern Munich manager.

His resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for the game have paid off as he continues to make waves in the football world.

If Kompany does indeed land the Bayern job, it would be yet another impressive achievement in a career filled with remarkable moments and accomplishments.

Fans will be eagerly watching to see where his next chapter takes him, and how he will continue to make his mark on the football world.


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