Tammy Abraham may have won his last Trophy with Chelsea and he will head over to Arsenal/Roma where he may not win any major trophy any time soon


Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham won the Super Cup match with his childhood club today August 11, 2021, and this may be his last trophy in a while if he agrees to transfer to Arsenal or Roma. The 23 years old has been linked with Arsenal since Chelsea coach Tuchel doesn’t have Tammy Abraham in his plan.

Tammy Abraham was on the teamsheet today but he was an unused substitute, which confirms that there is no spot for him on Chelsea’s senior team. Also, this means that he is available to leave the club and Arsenal seems to be a better fit.

Although, AS Roma and Arsenal are the two top clubs that are contesting to pay Chelsea’s asked price of £40m. It doesn’t appear that Tammy wants to go to Arsenal rather than Roma.

Arsenal team has been struggling for a long time and the club may not win a major trophy in the near future. As a result, this may be Tammy’s last trophy in the next 5 years until things turn around for Arsenal.

Read more about Tammy Abraham’s transfer to Arsenal below.

Arsenal agreed to pay Tammy Abraham £125,000 per week as the team is ready to pay the 40m transfer fee

Tammy Abraham of Chelsea was born to be an Arsenal player, this is why

According to reports, AS Roma is actively pushing for Tammy Abraham to come over to roam to play for them on a loan with buy obligation. However, Arsenal is in the race too and Tammy would prefer to stay in the Premier League.

Other sources are reporting that Roma has agreed on a fee with Chelsea over Tammy Abraham, but are waiting on the player’s approval, reports @DiMarzio.

What we know about Tammy Abraham’s Transfer Rumore

  • Atalanta board have a meeting scheduled in London with Chelsea in the next 48 hours to ask for Tammy Abraham as the main target. The price tag is around €40m. Arsenal and West Ham are interested too. Atalanta is expected to bid for Tammy if Inter will ask for Duván Zapata as Lukaku replacement.

“He was clearly not happy with the last half a year and maybe he has reason also not to be happy and maybe it was also my fault not to push him, not to trust him on the same level I maybe trusted other players.

“I can absolutely understand that he wants more minutes. So the decision will be ‘how do we plan, what are Tammy’s plans, does he fight his way back into the team from the position where he ended last season, or does he want to change clubs to have the chance of being a regular starter?'” – Chelsea Coach Tuchel said to the press.


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