Stan Kroenke doesn’t plan to sell Arsenal


Stan Kroenke is not planning to sell Arsenal football club despite joining the breakaway European Super League for financial rewards. The 73-year-old American businessman has been under intense pressure since it was confirmed that he gave the go-ahead for the club to join the failed European Super League.

It was reported that Arsenal football club is battling financial difficulties especially due to the coronavirus pandemic which prevented clubs from hosting fans at stadia during football games.

Due to the financial difficulties most of the top clubs in Europe have been battling with, the idea of the multi-billion dollar Super League was brought up. Top clubs in Europe were approached and 12 of them including Arsenal signed up for the league.

Fans of the clubs were not happy about the plan mostly because the league could destroy the prestigious UEFA Champions League and the domestic leagues. Arsenal and the other 8 clubs bowed to the pressure and stepped down from the planned league.

After the withdrawal of Arsenal from the breakaway European Super League, the director of the club, Josh Kroenke issued a public apology to the fans of the club.

Josh Kroenke became a director months after his father, Stan Kroenke signed a deal that made him the owner of the Premier League club in 2018.

Stan Kroenke doesn't plan to sell Arsenal
Arsenal director Josh Kroenke.

While addressing Arsenal’s fans forum this week, Josh Kroenke said his father still has the capacity to run the Premier League club and the family was not planning to sell the club.

On why Arsenal signed up for the European Super League, Josh Kroenke stressed that Arsenal signed up for the league because a Super League without Arsenal would not be good for the club.

He said: “The first question we asked was: what is worse, a Super League or a Super League without Arsenal? We decided a Super League without Arsenal was the worst.

“From an English fan’s perspective … they want to see more big matches. But as one Chelsea supporter wrote on a sign that I saw online the other day, you still want your cold nights in Stoke.”

Despite the attempt by Stan Kroenke and his family to re-establish a relationship between them and the fans of the club, most of the club’s supporters are demanding that the American businessman should step down. As of the time of publishing this report, some of the club’s fans were still calling for Stan Kroenke’s resignation.


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