Spain Manager Jorge Vilda Grabs a Female Staff Breast in The FIFA Women World Cup Final [Video]

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A video emerged showing the Controversial Spain women’s team manager Jorge Vilda appearing to touch a female staff member’s breast inappropriately during the match against England.

The incident occurred after Olga Carmona scored the only goal of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. The manager was filmed turning the back of his backroom staff after the goal.

Vilda initially placed his left hand on a female coach’s shoulder, and it moved down to grab the breast.

Although it is unknown whether the touching was intentional, many supporters on social media are outraged, and they have condemned the under-fire Spain coach following what happened with the President of the Spanish FA, Luis Rubiales, who kissed Hermoso in a post-match celebration.

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A fan said, “He is doing this disgusting nonsense in the open; I don’t even want to imagine what he does behind closed doors. What are the consequences or punishments?”. Another fan said, “This is not okay.”

“This is sexual assault in plain sight. It is as gross as the actions of Luis Rubiales yesterday. I genuinely fear for those poor women in Spanish football.”

Another social media user said, “True disgrace, absolutely disgusting”.

Vilda was firmly backed by Spanish FA President Rubiales after 15 players from the women’s national team sent an email stating they wanted to resign from the national team due to Vilda’s management.

Stars like Alexia Putellas, Hermoso, and Irene Paredes were in support of the email sent to the Spanish FA.

These players called Jorge Vilda out for being consuming with over-discipline and having an outdated set-up.

It was reported that Jorge Vilda wanted all the players to keep their hostel rooms unlocked before midnight to check whether they were sleeping on time or not.

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The players were also required to check in with the manager when they went out, and Jorge Vilda would ask where they were going and who they were going with. He was also accused of being dictatorial.

Jorge Vilda

Jorge Vilda’s wife

The Spain national team manager is currently married to a woman named Maria, and they have two children.

However, the impact of Maria on the manager hasn’t been disclosed to the public.

However, she provides crucial support and understands the demands of her husband’s job. Hence, Spanish media believe that Maria has always been the pillar of Jorge’s success.

Jorge Vilda

Jorge Vilda’s Age

The manager was born on July 7, 1981, in the city of Madrid, Spain. He is currently 42 years old.

Jorge Vilda’s Playing career

Jorge Vilda

He started his youth career at Barcelona in 1991 and left the club in 1995. He joined Rayo Vallecano in 1995 and left the club in 1996. In 1996, he furthered his football career by joining Real Madrid, and he left in 1998.

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