Son Heung-min must play in a World Class Club before being regarded as World-Class Player – His father admits


    Son Heung-min’s father recently stated that his son is “not world-class yet”, adding that he desires more from his profession.

    Son Heung-min: Tottenham star merits wider acclaim as ultimate team player  delivers again | The Independent

    In 2021/2022, the Spurs superstar had arguably his greatest season to date.

    After scoring 23 Premier League goals, he shared the Golden Boot trophy with Mohamed Salah. Interestingly, none of Son Heung-min’s goals came from the penalty spot last season.

    Aside from that, Son played a key role in his team’s late-season upgrade in the league, stealing the final Champions League spot from city rivals Arsenal.

    He was elected Spurs’ Player of the Season but was controversially left out of the PFA Team of the Season, which is incredible given that he was a strong contender to win the Premier League Player of the Season award.

    But, in any case, football fans have been left with no question about how good ‘Sonny’ has been this season and has earned a reputation as one of the league’s most dangerous attackers.

    His own father, on the other hand, seemed to hold a slightly different viewpoint…

    What did Son’s father have to say about his son’s football career?

    “He (Son Heung-min) must work harder and make greater development,” Son’s father, Son Woong-Jung, reportedly remarked, according to CGTN News.

    “If he is satisfied with what he has achieved now, crisis is on the way. He must always try to do better to stay in the best form, don’t you think? Instead of being happy to stay where he is, I always want him to be 10 percent better.”

    Son Heung-min ISN'T world class claims his FATHER as he must 'work harder'|  All Football - Goal Ball

    What a demanding father, huh? Most fathers can only dream of their sons achieving what Son has in recent seasons, but it appears that his father isn’t yet impressed.

    “He must be able to play a solid role in one of the world’s best clubs,” Son senior continued. “That’s when he’ll break through as a world-class player.

    “Like I said before, he must do 10 percent better on every front to reach that goal. He scored a lot of goals this year, but it doesn’t mean he will do the same next year.

    “Only those who stay ready can survive the difficulties. He must face everything with a cautious mind and can’t afford to be too proud.”

    He’s got to be able to contribute to one of the best clubs in the world, right? Spurs supporters would argue that Son is already doing that!


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