Some of the things you might not know about David Beckham’s Tattoos

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Over the years, David Beckham who became famous as a football star has turned his body into a work of art; almost every part of his body has one form of tattoo or the other. David Beckham’s Tattoos have kept people talking about him years after he retired from professional football in 2013.

You cannot talk about David Beckham’s Tattoos without talking about the illustrious football career of the 46-year-old English football icon who is now a part-owner of Major League Soccer club, Inter Miami.

Recall that Beckham started his professional football career at Manchester United in 1992. He played at the English club until 2003 before he decided to join Real Madrid in 2003.

After four years at Real Madrid, Beckham decided to join an MLS club LA Galaxy. He played two seasons on loan at AC Milan before he decided to join Paris Saint Germain in 2013 where he retired from professional football.

Before he retired from professional football, he won a title number of 24 major titles including 6 Premier League titles, one La Liga title, one UEFA Champions League, and two FA Cup.

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When did David Beckham have his first Tattoo

When did David Beckham have his first Tattoo

David Beckham ventured into the world of inking his skin in 1999 when he was playing for Manchester United. He got his first tattoo after the birth of his first child, Brooklyn on 4 March 1999.

Just like his father, Brooklyn who is now a model and photographer has inked his skin a couple of times. Unlike his father who got his first tattoo at age 23, Brooklyn got his first tattoo when he was 18-year-old.

Beckham and his first child Brooklyn.
Beckham and his first child Brooklyn.

The 23-year-old English model who got married to Nicola Peltz in 2022, had his first tattoo from Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Social Club in the United Kingdom, an old friend of David Beckham.

What is the total number of David Beckham tattoos?

What is the total number of David Beckham tattoos?

It is being speculated that David Beckham has a total number of 63 tattoos scattered all over his body – from his neck to his chest, from his back to his hands, and from his head to his ribs.

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One of the most recent tattoos on Beckham’s body is the number 99 inked on his little finger to mark the year he got married to his wife Victoria Adams.

As it stands, David Beckham’s first Tattoo was of his first child and his most recent tattoo is about his 23-year-old marriage with Victoria.

Who Does David Beckham’s Tattoos?

Who Does David Beckham's Tattoos?
British tattoo artist, Louis Malloy.

A series of tattoo artists have inked David Beckham’s body. However, most of the tattoos on the body of David Beckham are the handy work of British tattoo artist, Louis Malloy.

The retired footballer has visited Molloy’s studio in Manchester a couple of times to get his skin inked and it is believed that most of the tattoos Beckham got in the early 2000s were his handy work.

In recent years, Mark Mahoney is the major tattoo artist of Beckham. The British artist owns Shamrock Social Club in London. He also has a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, United States.

Aside from Beckham, Mahoney have tattooed super celebrities like Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and many other American superstars.

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Other tattoo artists that have produced David Beckham’s tattoos are Dr. Woo who is based in Los Angeles, and Gabe, the owner of Ace Dragon Tattoo in Hong Kong.

Does David Beckham have a Head Tattoo?

Does David Beckham have a Head Tattoo?

David Beckham has tattoos on almost every part of his body. And his head is not left out. The 46-year-old football icon has a tattoo of the model of the solar system on the side of his head.

The former England national team captain first showed off the tattoo in 2018. His hair often covers the tattoo.

What Does David Beckham Chinese tattoo mean?

David Beckham has a vertical tattoo on the left side of his ribs. The tattoo was produced in Chinese symbols.

The David Beckham Chinese tattoo means: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.”

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