Soccer position numbers and their significance in a soccer team


    You might be wondering what the Soccer position numbers, jersey numbers, or the squad numbers on the jersey of soccer stars mean or why some players are given certain numbers. Though in modern soccer, players can wear any jersey number above 11, yet the standard squad numbering is traditionally 1 to 11 based on the number of players that start a soccer match for a team.

    Traditionally, soccer stars are not just given any random Soccer position numbers, in standard squad numbering, footballers are given squad numbers based on their role, the position they play on the soccer pitch, and sometimes their level of influence.

    Nowadays, Soccer position numbers have become so important that some players may decide to join a particular club because the club is willing to give him a particular Soccer position number. While some players may decide to leave a particular club if the jersey number that he likes is taken from him and given to another player.

    From the perspective of soccer fans, a lot of expectations are placed on players that wear a certain squad number. For instance, when a player wears squad number 10, it is expected that he is a playmaker and when a player wears squad number 7, it is expected that the player is a good wings man.

    Some clubs have had to “retire” some Soccer position numbers at their clubs due to the contribution of a certain player that excelled greatly or performed wonderfully while wearing such a squad number at the club. So, in honor of the player’s contribution, when he leaves the club, the club can decide not to ever allow any other player to wear the number at the club.

    On the other hand, one important element of Soccer position numbering is that the lower numbers are mostly reserved for a first-team goalkeeper and defenders while the higher numbers are reserved for forwards.

    Below are Soccer position numbers and their significance in a soccer team based on standard squad numbering 1 to 11:

    Soccer position numbers and their significance in a soccer team based on standard squad numbering 1 to 11:

    Soccer position number 1:

    Squad number one is strictly for first-team goalkeepers. It is not recorded anywhere that a player who is not a goalkeeper has ever worn the number one jersey. Two of the most famous goalkeepers that have worn this squad number are Iker Casillas and Oliver Kahn.

    Soccer position number 2:

    Squad number 2 is often worn by a defender. The number is commonly worn by right-backs especially one who is a first-team player. Two of the greatest names to wear this shirt number are Gary Neville and Cafu.

    Soccer position number 3:

    Just like the previous squad number, squad number three is specifically for first-team players playing as left-back. The two most respected players to have ever worn the number 3 shirt are Paolo Maldini and Roberto Carlos.

    Soccer position number 4:

    Shirt number four is also for defenders but this time around, for first-team players playing the role of a defensive midfielder. The two most respected players to have worn this number are Jurgen Kohler and Patrick Vieira.

    Soccer position number 5:

    Squad number 5 is mostly worn by center-defenders. Those who wear it are seen as the last bus-stop of an opposing attack. Two of the most famous players that have worn the number 5 jersey are Puyol and Fabio Cannavaro.

    Soccer position number 6:

    Squad number six is also worn by center-defenders. Just like the players who wear a number 5 shirt, a player wearing the number 6 shirt is in the heart of a team’s defensive line. The two most famous players to ever wear this number are Franco Baresi and Bobby Moore.

    Soccer position number 7:

    This is one of the most iconic Soccer position numbers in the game because of the number of football greats that have worn it. It is mostly a shirt number worn by wingers and sometimes, second strikers. The two most famous players to wear the number 7 jersey are Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham.

    Soccer position number 8:

    Shirt number 8 is for attacking minded midfielders who can also help the defense and they are mostly referred to as box-to-box midfielders. They are the assists makers and sometimes score goals by driving themselves into an opponent’s box-eighteen. The two most famous players to have worn shirt number 8 are Andres Iniesta and Steven Gerrard.

    Soccer position number 9:

    Jersey number 9 is another very important Soccer position number in the game. It is mostly given to top strikers or lead strikers in a soccer team. They are seen as the front men who are relied upon to do nothing but score the goals. Two of the most famous players to ever wear the shirt are Robert Lewandowski and Luis Suarez.

    Soccer position number 10:

    The number 10 jersey is arguably the most iconic jersey number in world football. It commands a lot of respect and responsibility. It is a jersey number that is often worn by club’s playmakers, skilled attacking midfielders and sometimes, a central-midfielder who is very skillful, can pass, and can score goals. Two of the most famous players to ever wear shirt number 10 are Pele and Lionel Messi.

    Soccer position number 11:

    The Soccer position number 11 is mostly for left-wingers and sometimes second strikers and even top strikers wear the jersey number. Some of the most famous people to have ever worn jersey number 11 are Ryan Giggs and Didier Drogba.


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