Shakira to Keep Sons She Had with Ex-Lover Gerard Pique As She Dumps Spain

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Colombian singer Shakira and her ex-footballer husband Gerard Pique have both reached a consensus on the custody of their two sons Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.

Shakira to keep Milan and Sasha

Following their agreement after an intense out-of-court settlement, it’s been confirmed that Shakira will be relocating to Miami with her sons Milan and Sasha now that she and their father, Gerard Piqué, are no longer together.

The former hot couple jointly announced on Tuesday, November 8 that they have reached a custody agreement over who to take possession of their sons, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.

Gerard Pique, who broke down in tears when announcing his retirement from football on Saturday at Camp Nou during an emotional farewell speech, is said to have surrendered to Shakira’s wishes to keep the children, to avoid an ugly court divorce battle.

Gerard Pique in a tearful farewell speech

The out-of-court settlement meeting with the duo’s legal teams started on Monday afternoon, November 7, at the couple’s former family residence in Esplugues de Llobregat on the outskirts of Barcelona.

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However, the summit meeting failed to reach an agreeable conclusion until the wee hours on Tuesday morning after the two parties agreed on a custody arrangement, according to reports.

They jointly revealed that they have finally signed a custody agreement after series of intense dragging and told TMZ that their purpose for this is to ensure the utmost protection of their children.

The pair jointly said: “We have signed a custody agreement.”

“Our sole objective is to provide our children with the utmost security and protection and hope that they can continue with their lives in a safe and calm environment.”

Following the agreement reached by Pique and Shakira, the 45-year-old “Hips Don’t Lie” famous musician will be taking the kids from Barcelona to her family’s residence in Miami next year.

From what has been gathered, Milan and Sasha will still be staying in Barcelona until after Christmas as it’s believed that once the new year rings in, they will be traveling to their maternal’s residence in Miami which will be their new home.

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Meanwhile, part of the agreement allows Gerard Pique to visit the children anytime the retired football star wanted, as he will be staying back in Barcelona.

Gerard Pique

It is also mentioned in the consensus that the traveling expenses will be settled by Shakira and Pique whenever the former Barcelona legend does decide to fly out to visit his children in Miami.

According to reports: “The children will spend Christmas in Barcelona but as soon as 2023 begins, the footballer will say goodbye and assume a painful sacrifice so that the youngsters don’t experience an even more traumatic separation between their parents.”

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Gerard Pique

The 45-year-old Shakira parted from the 35-year-old Pique after their relationship of 11 years became a tragic scene soaring around Spain and the world at large, as rants of their successful livelihoods took a turn to reports of their dismal private life.

They jointly announced their breakup this year in May following the claims that the former Barcelona defender Pique, was cheating on his long-term spouse with an unidentified younger woman.

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Shortly after the allegations, Gerard Pique’s relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia ensued and the ‘hips don’t lie Colombian singer, Shakira confirmed she could no longer continue the relationship after Pique’s infidelity.

Pique was captured kissing and cuddling his new girlfriend

Recently, Pique was captured kissing and cuddling his new girlfriend in the stands at Camp Nou’s stadium during his farewell tribute.

Pique and new girlfriend Clara

The report also has it that Pique and Clara are now living together at the footballer’s luxury city center penthouse apartment in Barcelona with the plan to start a family.

Now that Pique has shown his new partner to the world, a hope of reunion with the mother of his children, Shakira seems ridiculous.

However, Shakira fans will hope to see the pop star smiles again after her uneasy breakup with Pique.

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